Dyersville D and D

The Secrets of the Swamp

Five adventurers were heading back home from completing a quest, and their travels led them through a boggy area that was filled with land bridges, moss hanging from trees, and will-o-the-wisps.

The will-o-the-wisps call to the adventurers, and lead them to a village, where a woman was wailing with grief. Her children had gone missing, and she was hysterical. Three other children went missing a few weeks before, and had not been recovered. Joey’s character said he had stolen the children. The mother attacked him, and failed. The other characters pledged to help look for the lost children, further toward the bog there was a hair found.

Will-o-the-wisps are all around the adventurers, whispering. Along the bank are tracks of two children running, and on the bank are boat marks. Once traveling in the bog, the adventurers notice an abandoned looking shack on a land bridge in the fog.

Upon knocking and calling out, a duergar answers the door, grumpily. The adventurers notice that he is a dark dwarf, from the Underdark. Having an overconfidence and haughty attitude, the Duergar admits to having taken the children and he won’t be giving them back.

Suddenly, 11 more duergar appear from the grass behind the hut. Combat ensues. At the end of the battle, the last remaining duergar jumps to the roof and sounds a bugle to signal someone. The duergar is shortly killed.

The children are found inside the hut, tied up, and frightened. They tell the adventurers that the duergars were going to take them away, but so were the men with the long white hair and frightening faces. The adventurers deduce that there are drow, probably not far off. In the hut is also found a list of the 12 duergar, their names, and what looks like a quota to fill. It appears that the duergars and the drow are on a raid to gather humans and other creatures for their thriving slave trade in the Underdark. Maps and other lists are also found, with a letter of orders signed in elvish “Alec”.

The adventurers bring the children back to the mother, and they find the Mayor, Galef, there with her. When approached for compensation for their daring and courage in retrieving the children from such foes, the Mayor says he can provide them a stay at the inn and drinks on him, but nothing more. He discourages their fear-mongering, and is sure that they are making more of this than what it really is. He is uncomfortable and seems to be wanting to hide something. He also dismisses that there are drow coming, or that his village is in any danger.

The adventurers play along, sensing there is something very wrong. As they go into the village, and to the tavern, while Joey’s character wants to find the Mayor’s house. He notices that there are gargoyles, on all the eves of the houses, the inn, and the stables, and on every house. A spell shows that there is a hex on the town, an intelligence hex, giving everyone living in the town a -4 to intelligence.

Joey’s character gets shatters a gargoyle, and gets himself in trouble and gets locked up in the stocks for and defacing property. He shortly gets out using another spell. Eventually he realizes that the gothic castle is the Mayor’s house, and goes to tell the others.

Eventually the adventurers get reunited, and while Immeral is drinking with the Mayor (he seems very unsuspecting at this moment) and the rest of the adventurers use this time to try to break into the castle. They try the backdoor, where two old women are cooking can be seen through a window. Joey’s character pretends to be the milk boy, and gets inside the house along with Alissa’s character. The old woman is totally unaware of any children going missing weeks before, or since.

Alissa’s character says she needs a mug for the Mayor to drink from, his special mug, so she is escorted to the library/office area. There are many books on bloodletting, magic, and science, and upon inspection she sees body parts in jars and eerie looking paraphernalia. They found the mug, and at the bottom of it, there is dried blood.

The adventurers take the mug back to the Mayor, and “go to bed”, sneaking out to do more investigating. The old woman at the backdoor is told by Sam’s character that he is a scientist, and the old woman assumes that he will want to go down the basement then, and the Mayor will be glad to see him.

Shadow Counsel Base infiltrated

After The adventurers completed their mission in rudabaga, they started walking to dragonheim. On the road they meant a messenger that asked the group to meet with olorin in dunharrow. They arrived in dunharrow with no issues along the way. Sam immediately went to the blacksmith to get his armor laced with adamantium. Sam will be paying the blacksmith with 82 pounds of adamantium.. They met with olorin and he told them that a man, named Scott, stopped by and was going to pay him 2000g for olorin to provide Scott with information regarding summoning creatures from other planes of existence. Scott said that he would return in two weeks with the 2000g and he would retrieve the information from olorin. After Scott left olorin’s house, olorin’s sent Jim, his elven lackey to follow Scott and return with any information that he could obtain. Jim headed over to the green dragon tavern and inn to begin his shadowing of Scott. Jim never returned to olorin’s. It has been six days since Scott left olorin’s house. The adventurers including Sam, Natalya, immeral, scribbles, Sydney, troy’s dragon born cleric, and joeys tiefling sorcerer headed over to the tavern to see if they could pick up the trail of Scott and Jim. The adventurers have a few beers while talking with the adventurers. After a small payment, the tavern owner mentioned that Scott already reserved a room for a week from now, which is one day before Scott was going to talk to olorin’s. The adventurers head out into the street and locate Jim’s trailand they follow it out town and headed north into the forest, just to the east of the mountains. They follow the path easily with no issues the first day, nor the first night. The next day the sneak up on a company of orcs who accuse the adventurers of robbing and killing their families the day before. After some word play by scribbles, the group decides to help the orcs get their vengence and their gold back. They visit the orcs cave and follow the scent back into the woods. The follow the scent until they suddenly see a place where three paths come together. By this time, the sun had begun rising. Noticing that gold pieces were on one trail, the group decided to follow that trail and then ended up at a green mound, with nothing else in eight.

Mysterious Stone Encounter
Basilik Head Cheese

King alexander throws a party for the adventurers for saving the captured miners and rooting out the murderers and thieves. Sam learns that there might be a blacksmith in rudabaga that can work adamatium. He hurries off toward rudabaga with Chandler. Along the way, the meet up with Troy’s dragon born, immeral, Eric and a few others. They travel along the road together toward rudabaga when they come upon 12 human stone statues and 2 horse statutes. All the statutes have weapons drawn, and are either standing up or lying on the ground. Chandler looks inside the iron carriage and sees multiple claw marks throughout the carriage, and to his dismay, he finds no gold. The adventurers decide to take the stone statutes to the nearby village of Peoria., since they can not see where the creature went to.

They arrived at the village and asked for a healer, but the adventurers find out that the village’s healer also got turned to stone along with a few others in the village. The adventurers were able to find tracks leading out of the village. They looked like basilisk tracks. Before they followed the tracks, a villager pointed out that they recognize some of the stone figures in the carriage. 9 of the statutes looked like a wanted bandits. The other three, the villagers did not recognize.

The group found some Basilik tracks leading into the forest. They follow the tracks for an hour or so and come to a cave. The group determines that the Basilik is in the cave. Casstius decides to head into the cave to do some recon. While Casstius sneaks into the cave, the others surround the cave and get into position to take down the Basilik. Casstius accidently kicks a stone and it hits the beast, wakening it up. The Basilik begins to come out and someone casts a spell at the edge of the cave to make the Basilik have a disadvantage, but it causes two of the adventures to fall from above the cave and into the path of the Basalik. The Basilik has only once chance to attack before it is taken down by the adventurers. Sam cuts of the Basilik’s head. While the group is deciding what to do next, someone hears something in the bushes. When they go to investigate, another person runs out and away. The group catches him and interrogates him, where Casstius leads everyone to believe that he is the son of Lucifer. After he gets away again. someone shoots him in the leg and he falls, revealing his tattoo of a symbol. The adventurers take him back to the village and they begin to interrogate the prisoner they caught outside the cave. Casstius goes into the carriage to interrogate those prisoners, but right before he went in one of the wizards cast burning hands to incinerate the remaining prisoners. They heal them just barely and Casstius goes in to interrogate them. During the interrogation, he kills one of them. Paul and Troy’s character leave because they no longer want to be apart of this. The group finds out that the enemy their facing calls themself the Shadow Counsel. The man they caught outside the cave provided that information. He said that the shadow counsel recruited him in Dunharrow, promising a new world order. This man wanted protection from the shadow counsel when he gave them all the information that he knew. The group sent him to the Hellenic Republic to be under King Alexander’s care.

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic part 5
the counsel

the group moves on through the villages until they discover that there is an old mine where miners have been disappearing for the past few months. They go up to the mines and Chandler gets shot by arrow. The guards beyond the waterfall tell them to halt and state their purpose and names. After some prodding the group gives their names and state that they were here to inspect their operation. The guards take them down to the base leader and tharivol recognizes him as tesmole dreghead, old professor of necromancy at the wizard college. He states to tharivol, "tharivol the third, I thought you were dead, it must be your brother then. ". Shortly after a battle breaks out in the planning room. The group was split in two, some of them had to remain behind in the dining hall. After a few rounds, the battle begins in the dining hall also. Everyone was amazed when immeral let out a gust of wind that knocked most of the enemy down. The group in the planning room saw tesmole dreghead disappear. The group in the planning room gained the upper hand and the last thug standing surrendered and threw his money at one of the spies. Threatening death upon slaves is one thing, fighting a well trained force is another. The battle was going sour for the other group, when tesmole dreghead reappeared and prompted the thugs to fight and be richly rewarded. He then departed. After that immeral let out another gust of wind that knocked down a majority of the enemies again and some allies, but the enemy was still stronger that that group of adventurers. After the group in the planning room eliminated their threat, Sam axe unleashed thunderous smite and ran up the hallway like a bat out of hell. The thugs surrendered.

They released the prisoner while Chandler searched tesmole dregheads safe, but there was nothing in it. He cleaned out his office before he fled. They released Anna, Paul’s friend. She informs them that they are searching for many powerful objects that take the form of orbs, but it is unclear on what they intend to use them for. She says that they were getting close to finding it in the depths of this mountain, she suggests that they retrieve it otherwise the counsel will return in force to retrieve it, and we do not want it to fall in their hands. The group takes a long rest in order to revive themselves and wait for the guards and slaves in the mines to come back up. Tharivol, Sam, Joey, and Chandler headed into the mine while the remainder of the group stayed in the base to keep a lookout.

After fighting Atwood Giants and barely winning, the group was nowhere closer to getting the orb until the ground began to shake and rocks began to fall from the ceiling, but no one got seriously hurt. After the tremor quit, the group noticed a hole that opened up in the saloon. Chandler jumps down and hurts himself, but he finds an adamant ism chest. He picks the lock and in it he finds a brown orb. Sam demands that Chandler brings the chest up with him, so he does. Tharivol and Joey realize that the orb has tremendous energy in it and it resembles the spell earthquake. Chandler tries, but cannot figure out how to use it.

The group informs everyone up above of their discovery and immeral shares about his blue orb. The adventurers all go their separate ways to catch up on their own tasks.

Neverwinter Nights Chapter 1, part 2
Docks District

With the Yahn-ti heart and listing of regents in hand, the group left the Great Graveyard and Beggar’s Nest District for the City Core. While the others searched the shops and stands for supplies and upgrades, the mage doubled back and headed for the Beggar’s Nest District Temple of Tyr. Inside the door, he found Marcus’ brother. He informed the brother that Marcus had fallen to the Zombie horde; presenting the staff and journal as proof. He traded both for recompense coin before detouring to the tavern next door.

At the tavern, he found a ranking District Guard and informed him that the zombie infestation was over; the necromancers that had caused this atrocity had been dispatched single-handedly by his superior magical talents. Relieved by the news, he too gave the mage reward for his services.

Regrouping in the City Core, the group decided to deliver the Heart of the Yahn-ti to Lady Arabeth (receiving a small reward), before deciding where to search next. According to reports, Blacklake District hadn’t had any notable problems, though the same could not be said for the Docks or Peninsula districts; the Peninsula being flooded with a prison uprising, and the Docks being overtaken by pirates and thieves. The group decided after deliberation to take on the Docks.

Entering the Docks district, they learned from the Captain at the gate that though once one in the same, the Sewer Rats (the Guild Thieves) and the Blood Sailors (the pirates) had in the last days started attacking each other in a block war. The Blood Sailors’ base was the Sea Ghost [docked at port], and the Sewer Rats called the Seedy Tavern their home.

The group made a bee-line for the Seedy Tavern. Though the thieves outside were leery, with bribery, they allowed the group entry. As the adventurers entered, half the group rushed in screaming for the regent. Natalia calmly walked in, stepped around the group (as if she didn’t know them), and asked for a drink. With the situation more calm by now, the dwarf cleric approached, asking likewise for several drinks.

Natalia asked if the bar tender (Duncan) had heard of any strange animals in the district. Duncan directed her to the auctioneer in the corner of the room. She walked up to the auctioneer and asked about his wares and what he was selling. At ease with her calm convincing nature, he told her of being hired (at a very nice rate) to auction off the cure for the Wailing Death. Surprisingly, Callik; leader of the Sewer Rats who had approached him about selling the regent was running days late.

The group decided to search the remainder of the Seedy Tavern to find some kind of lead to where the regent could be. They asked to see the rooms, and Duncan agreed to allow them a look at the rooms before they decided on whether to stay the night. Through the door to the back of the inn, they found stairs leading up to the second floor and a guard standing in front of a door at the other end of the hall.

They approached the guard, asking to enter. With a quick bribe, the cook who was standing guard gladly walked away, letting them enter. They went through the door, down the steps, and into a small central room with two additional doors. Behind one door came only the whistling of air. Behind the other, screaming voices could be heard.

They followed the voices and found their way to a small room where three Sewer Rats had captured a Blood Sailor. Though convinced that the adventurers had simply wandered into the room by accident, the Sewer Rats soon grew impatient and attacked.

After a short battle, the group had won. The Blood Sailor introduced herself as Dara’nei; second in command of the Blood Sailors (second in power and skill only to Captain Vengaul). Dara’nei and Natalia exchanged information about what was going on (events of the recent past and where Vengaul, Callik, and the strange regent could be found – the sewer entrance at the northwest corner of the district). When asked about what kind of creature it was that they had, Dara’nei told them that all she could see was what appeared like the end of a lizard tail through the slits in the crate. The group surmised that the regent was a cocatrice.

The dwarf quickly searched the room next door [a storage room] and found a bag of gold behind a loose stone in the wall, hoarding it all for himself (claiming dwarves covet gold more than any other race or species – .. even dragons? – Just let a dragon try to take me gold! – Good thing there isn’t a shiny stone between you or there would be a fierce war on the spot…). The group exited through the side tunnel, surfacing behind the Seedy Tavern at the northeast corner of the district.

They traversed the district. Using Dara’nei’s locket as the key, they gained entrance to the sewers. Down the ramp and at the back of the room, they found an old gondolier barely holding himself up with his long oar. They asked if anyone had passed by there recently and the old man told them yes; that one of the recent groups had a heavy crate with them. They asked to be taken downstream and the gondolier accepted. Everyone packed into the boat; the dwarf sitting on the Halfling bard on the way down.

Several minutes and one sick dwarf later, the group arrived at a small wooden dock. The dwarf leapt out and kissed the floor of the cobblestone tunnel as the others crawled out of the boat. The group followed the tunnel (making the sounds of musical backdraft [whistling of the flute with the wind, and strings stretching and loosening with every step] with the Halfling still stuck to his back side.

At the door at the end of the hall, the adventurers quietly opened it, seeing a large room with a steel-barred gate [fence] dividing it. Callik and four of his men occupied the adventurers’ half of the room. They casually and silently closed the door and waited ten more minutes. When they tried again, the groups were still on either sides of the wall of steel bars arguing; Callik yelling for the old man to let them sell the regent for as much as they could make, and Vengaul responding back that Callik had no style.

Natalia snuck into the large room. Unnoticed, she snuck to the door that connected the two halves of the room [with a hallway between] only to find it locked. Sneaking right in front of them, Natalia grabbed onto the steel bars, and using her amazing Berserker strength, began to pry the bars apart.

With a gap large enough for a small Halfling to fit through, Vengaul gave up the ruse [after watching Natalia’s efforts from the group’s arrival], and said “Well, it looks like we have company.”

Callik and his men looked 20 degrees to his right and screamed “WOW! HOW DID YOU GET THERE!”

Surprised at their presence, Callik and his men drew their weapons and hesitated. The dwarf performed a strange magic trick by pulling the Halfling out of his.. well, enough of that.. and tried to throw the bard to Natalia; missing and instead striking Callik with the ally. And so the fight was on…

The dragonborn in the group drew her longbow and fired at Callik. Natalia grabbed up the Halfling and threw him through the hole in the fence. The druid transformed into a bat and followed the Halfling through the opening. Natalia and the others on the thieves’ side of the room then proceeded to combat the attackers. One of Vengaul’s men put his hand on the halfling’s head and continued watching the spectacle, even as the Halfling broke away and ran for the connecting hallway.

Instead of attacking Callik and the thieves, the mage cast a powerful AOE spell on Vengaul and his men. Though damaged, they seemed relatively unphased and continued enjoying the spectacle. The druid spotted the crate in the nearby corner and flew to it. Peering through the gap in the planks he spotted a pair of eyes glaring back at her. The druid flew back for fear of being petrified.

With one more AOE spell on Vengaul, his men, and the druid, the druid fell unconscious back into her elven form on the floor, almost hitting the Blood Sailor to Vengaul’s right. Though almost bloodied, the Blood Sailors still maintained their composure and watched as Callik and the last of his men were dealt with.

As the last of Callik’s men fell, Vengaul called to the adventurers; beckoning them to his side of the room. The dwarf healed the druid and the group approached the Blood Sailors. When asked by the druid what it would take to get the cocatrice, Vengaul responded “If you’re working under Lady Arabeth, you can just take it. I was hoping old Nash [Lord Nasher Alagondar; Lord of Neverwinter] would come down here himself so we could reminisce on the old days when we sailed together as shipmates, though I guess things are too difficult now for him. We found it dead; hanging out of the mouth of what used to be a dog. The cocatrice and dog are in that crate in the corner. Take it and tell Nash to keep better track of his stuff. Farewell.”

Vengaul, his third, and his fourth in command departed through a tunnel exit at the far end and disappeared. The group walked up to the crate; opening it, they found the staring eyes of a petrified dog with the cocatrice hanging by its tail out of its mouth. The dwarf pulled the cocatrice out of its mouth and put it in his pack…

Eve of the Summer Festival

Five years have passed since an army of demons turned the peaceful farming village of Port Roland into a killing field. Five grueling years of work have cleared the land of the blood and broken weapons, reverting the swampy farmland back to its prior glory. To celebrate the revival of the village, an annual Summer Festival was created.

On the fifth anniversary, four adventurers of Arsonists Anonymous arrived at the local inn. To prepare for the events of the following day, the adventurers decided to retire…

As the dwarven cleric in the group snored loudly, the elven mage’s weasel familiar crept into his room, rifling through the dwarf’s belongings; making off with a torch and leaving a hole in the dwarf’s pack and a bottle full of weasel liquid.

The rumbling from inside gradually gave way to a rumbling outside. A villager raced in screaming “The village is under attack! To Arms! To Arms!”

Reaching for liquid courage, the dwarf took a sip of the contents of the bottle. Commenting quickly that it tasted like weasel, he quickly downed the contents. The dwarf drew his battleaxe and slashed at the wall, trying to create a new doorway. Taking a few steps back, he charged at the wall; getting only a quick glance of the outside before being spring boarded back at the far wall.

The dragonborn left her room. Seeing the back of the dwarf’s head sticking through the wall she opened the door to see if the dwarf was alright. Shortly thereafter, the group tore out of the building, focusing on 2 nearby clusters of Bladelings across the moderate stream.

With everyone out of the inn, the wizard snuck back in, tossing a lit torch into the dwarf’s empty room. As the monk leapt across the stream to draw enemies away from a trapped citizen, the dwarf charged at the bladelings that were crossing the bridge. The dragonborn tried to assist the monk with her bow and the wizard turned to assist the cleric.

The Bladelings [for the most part] succeeded their saving throws, though the Cleric failed and took the brunt of a Sound Burst, falling suddenly unconscious. The dragonborn raced up to help bring the cleric back to consciousness. The villager who had charged into the inn to inform them of the attack appeared out of nowhere to use a healer’s kit on the fallen dwarf.

Raising back to his feet, the dwarf and dragonborn quickly dispatched of the bladelings. At the same time, the monk took out the last attacker the villager was facing. Quickly ordering the villager to run and hide, the monk quickly spotted another band of bladelings racing toward him from the fields.

The dwarf discovered a potion of healing, and using one of his own spells, restored his own hit points to almost full. Seeing a group of bladelings, in the center of a small cluster of houses, the dwarf charged at them, casting sacred flame, badly wounding one of the five, an arrow flying past from the dragonborn, striking another nearby bladeling.

In an attempt to assist once more, the mage cast another area of affect spell, once more dealing more damage to friend than foe. Becoming more and more surrounded, the monk leapt back across the banks of the stream. The dwarf and dragonborn retreated further into safety.

Getting close enough to the mage, the cleric cast Sacred Flame on the mage, barely missing his target. The mage raced for the stream, diving across and landing on the far banks. The cleric gained ground and cast Sacred Flame once more, knocking the mage unconscious.

With the remaining bladelings on the inn’s side of the bridge, the dragonborn, monk, and dwarf used what ranged attacks they could, while slowly staying ahead of the charging enemies.

The dwarf leapt, missing the far shore and ending up in the cool, two-foot deep, murky water. Dragging himself up the embankment, he stabilized the mage. Finding two more potions of healing, he grabbed both, throwing one at the mage in an attempt to revive his comrade. Successfully, the mage rose and began attacking the ever nearing bladelings. The monk leapt back across the stream to where he had defended the villager, and the dragonborn raced behind the dwarf, also falling into the murky waters.

The bladelings charged ever determined at the group, splitting off into smaller clusters and leaping into the stream and struggling to get close enough to the group members. Systematically, the last of the attacking bladelings were cut down, and all was safe once again.

Upon the conclusion of the battle, the monk walked up to the mage, knocking him unconscious once more with a swift blow. The mage’s weasel stared on in horror from its safe spot in the window of the burning inn. Seeing its master fall, it snuck out onto the battlefield, looting as many of the corpses as it could. Though the group gained little gold with this adventure, they gained the experience of a new foe and the promises that the Summer Festival and Port Roland would go on…

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic part 4
revolution and forgiveness

The group battles the guards inside castle grounds and beats them with out raising the alarm inside the castle. The rebels make it inside the grounds. The group moves inside the castle while the rebels hold the gates. The group attacks the guards inside the castle, while chandler moves through the kitchen to the library where there is a door guarded by two guards. Chandler informs them that there are rebels in the castle. The guards join their comrades in the corridor fighting the group and Chandler picks the lock and goes into the dungeon. He finds and releases the soldiers of gondolin. They inform chandler that Alex would pay lord Turgon 2000g for the use of his soldiers for a few months. When the soldiers arrived in the Hellenic Republic, King Alexander had them imprisoned and tortured for information on Gondolin. Chandler heads back up, disappointed that he did not find any gold. The group finished the guards in the corridor and moved into the throne room to begin the final assault on the King. Phillip, the paladin, went after Sam first and declared that Thor is an unjust God for attacking such a just King. Ben moves around to the side door and attacks the King and Aristotle, the wizard. Ben and Elijah fall unconscious during the battle and every else becomes significantly wounded. During the battle, the gem on the throne flashes and thravold falls under the illusion that Alexander is a great and just King. That old heals the paladin, who when rises he is confused on what is happening. Sam convinces him to fight with them against Alexander. Chandler heads to the throne to retrieve the gem and when he gets it it flashes again and Joey thinks chandler is great. When Chandler grabs the orb it loses its illusion on it self and it is actually an orb. Matter Alexander’s guards were beaten, the group was having trouble taking him out, so Sam jumped the King and held him to the ground while the others slashed at Alexander until he fell unconscious. With the King and his guards bond, the group began discussing the orb with the wizard since he is the one who brought it to the King a little over a year ago. Morwen confirms that that was the time that Alex became self absorbed and unjust. The wizard said that he was instructed by a powerful organization to deliver the orb to Alexander. He would not give the name of the organization but indicated that they would all die in the new world order that they are trying to bring about. Sam takes the orb and smashes it. The group hears screaming and yelling outside. Paul heads out and sees that everyone looks like zombies, so he displays his holy symbol and cast a spell that helps the people nearby to see reality, he brings them back inside and the group decides to hold the fort in the castle and wait out the spell. The group wakes up Alex and he was in a daze. He could not remember the last year. He heard what happened in the past year and he was ashamed. After Sam gave Alex his weapons, Alex turns around and offers Morwen his sword, he says that he is not fit to lead. Morwen gives Alex his sword back and said he is a great leader and with her as his advisor, they can bring the Hellenic Republic back to its former glory. The group heads off to Sparta to talk to the wizard and paladin that paul fought on the road. Aristotle was imprisoned in the dungeon for his crimes against the republic.

The wizard and paladin inform the group that the remaining gold was stolen by their organization and they have a high valued target imprisoned.

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic part 3
Final preperations and old enemies

The group finally decided on a plan of action. They leave with the rebels early in the morning and head to Athens. Sam lets the remainder of the group persuade the King to send some of his garrison in Athens to check a a rebel attack point between Sparta and Abydos. This is where the King is shipping his gold to in the middle of the night. Sam heads to Sparta to reclaim the fist of fury for the battle that is sure to follow. He meets Aristotle and Phillip on the way to Sparta. This is the wizard and paladin from the tempest of gondolin. Paul attacks and after a quick battle, he severely injures the wizard before Sam flees the scene. As he is fleeing the scene, Paul notices that they are wearing the king’s weapons patches. Paul makes it to Sparta with out further incident. When he retrieves his sword from the blacksmith, the blacksmith told Paul he could not enchant it further because it already has so much power built in that he was afraid to unleash the magic with in. The release of magic could possible destroy his shoppe and a portion of the town.

The group convinces the King to release some of his garrison in Athens. He appointed tharivol in charge of 15 soldiers, two paladins, and two wizards. Tharivol and his company left for Sparta and met up with Phillip and Aristotle. Phillip requested aide for his friend, tharivol did not want to give it because he recognized them from Gondolin. He convinced the company he was traveling with to arrest the two. They arrived in Sparta and tharivol spotted Sam. He told the company that he needed to stock up on some supplies from the apothecary. The paladins and wizards traveling with the group gave tharivol 50g pieces and a shopping list for them. After he left the eyesight view of the company, he doubled back and joined Sam. They both bought horses and headed back to Sparta. They also took a rest to get ready for the big day.
The remainder of the group remained at the castle and ate and slept there. They did some recon and got ready for the return of Sam and tharivol. The plan is set in motion and the Druid heads up to the tower to set off the signal and the other two head to the front gate. Sam and tharivol arrive and are escorted into the garden. Two guards at the castle doors, two guards at the front gates and one guard escorting Sam and tharivol. The signal is sent and the rebellion has begun.

Thievery in the Hellenic Republic part 2
Discontent and Rebellion

Sam is awakened by Virgil, King Alexander’s head paladin. Virgil invites him and his friends to breakfast to discuss the happenings in Gondolin. Sam agrees and they meet up for breakfast. Virgil informs them that there weapons will not arrive until later in the afternoon, so while they wait they should enjoy a show on the king. Secondly, they discuss what happened in Gondolin. Lastly, Virgil turns to Sam and says, “Last thing, Sam, do you know a paladin named Anna (helped Sam learn his powers). I met her two weeks ago and she introduced herself as a knight of the hammer as well.” “I have some news about her. She came to the REpublic 2 weeks ago to help root out the robbers and murderers in the region, but we have not heard back from her or the company she was travelling with.” They were headed to Abydos, first and then were going to make rounds to Argos, Delphi, and Marathon searching for the criminals. That is all I know about her whereabouts. We have heard no news from them."

The adventurers attend the show about the Tempest of Gondolin based solely on rumors. It depicted Tyler as the champion of Gondolin with the other adventurers as his followers. Toward the end of the play, the stage catches on fire and the group hears increasing chanting outside. Duras runs to the well with other people to help put out the fire. The others go outside toward the chanting and see that there are 20 rioters throwing fire bombs and trying to break down the gate. The group knocks all of the rioters out. Sam wakes one up and asks what he is doing. Bob is rioting because the king charges to high of taxes to spend on himself and cares nothing for the villages. It is about 30-40 gold a month per family. Guards come out of the castle and thank the group for taking out the rioters. Sam defends Bob and says that he was just caught in the cross hairs and was not a rioter. AFter the three guards tie up all the rioters, they wake them all up. One guard grabs one of the rioters and pulls a dagger. Let this be a lesson to all of you for your insurrection against the King. He goes to cut the rioters throat when Paul comes over and knocks him out. Tharivol runs to the castle to talk with the King. The remaining of the group takes care of the guards and knocks them all out. Tharivol meets Archimedes on his way and Archimedes takes him to the King. Archimedes is the head wizard. Tharivol explains that their was a riot and the riot was contained, but one of his guards was going to slit the throat of one of the rioters to prove a point. The King states that that is the law, and it is meant to dissuade others from insurrection, but he will allow the rioters to live because of the adventurers help with containing the riot. Tharivol heads back out with Archimedes to inform the guards of the King’s decision. When they arrive at the gates, all of the rioters are gone and the three guards are tied up. Sam goes to them and tells them that the guards are conspirators against the king and they let the rioters go. Archimedes says that he will determine what is the truth, but he will have to wait for the wizards at the college to create enough truth serum for the three guards. Archimedes states that he will have his answer in 1 week. On the 7th of August, the truth will come out about this incident.

The group decides to grab their weapons and head out of town. They rest along the road and in the morning they continue on to Marathon. They figure they have less than seven days before the King will come after them. They head to Marathon, where they see shacks and buildings completely rundown. Holes in the roofs and walls. They meet with the village leader who states that their taxes have been collected and they were expecting a paladin named Anna about a week ago, but she has not arrived or sent word to them. The group continues on to Delphi, and on the way there, they spot one of the King’s armored carriages in the ditch covered in brush. They do not see any bodies or blood. There was also no gold in the carriage. The group follows the trail of dragged bodies and are ambushed by a group of rangers. The rangers inform them to lay down their arms or become pincushions. After some debate, the group instills enough trust that the rangers take the group to Morwen their leader. After further discussion, Morwen deems that the group does not work for Alexander and that they are friendly to their cause. The group dines with the rebels and some of the group sees that the king’s men are well fed although held captive. Morwen informs the group that they believe the King is shipping most of the taxes elsewhere, but they fail to find the final destination. They lose track of the shipment between Sparta and Abydos. It never reaches Abydos. The rebels believe that showing the Republic what the King is doing with the money will raise enough people to rebel against the King.

Sam begins the discussion of taking the castle. They know that the king employs many wizards and paladins. These will be the hardest to get through. the rebels are mainly rangers. Possible plans of attack are:
Using the armored carriage to smuggle the rangers into the castle walls, where they can try to hold it while they take the King. The main issue is the wizards. In order to deal with this, Sam decides that a distraction of a “dragon” would force the wizards to go out to deal with the “dragon” while the rebels take the castle. This seems highly unlikely to work because of the quick communication between Sparta and Athens via Wizards. Duras want to check out the point where the King issued a no mining ordinance because that is the same area where his midnight carriages go. He says that they need to decide because they have little time to maneuver themselves before Archimedes finds out that they are lying in 5 days. That night the group rests with rebels. They awaken on the 2nd of August.

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic
Taxes and audits

2 hours before Sparta: A messenger runs up to the group, from behind. The group hails him.
Messenger: “Hello Tuor and Company. I have a message from Lord Turgon.” “I have been trying to find you guys for 23 days. Turgon wanted to send you a warning. The paladin and wizard that you helped to captured escaped three days after you left Gondolin. When they escaped they stole the scepter. turgon wanted you to be on the lookout for the escapees due to the fact that you were instrumental in their captivity.”

Tuor: to the group, “ I will be heading back to Gondolin to see if I can get more information on this occurrence. You guys might as well go collect the money that you are owed, we have been through a lot this past month just to get here.”

As Tharivol, Sam, Jason, and Duras approach Sparta, they see tall mountains on either side, almost coming together in the middle of Sparta. Buildings begin to appear in your view, and you see a towering wall connecting the mountains. They can see nothing beyond this wall. They enter the thriving city and head to the stables. Sam wishes to purchase a horse, but the company does not like his prices. The stable owner informs the adventurers that noone is allowed past the wall with a weapon and they will be thoroughly searched. Their weapons will be stored in a vault. The group decides to head to the blacksmith, but he did not have anything that they wanted. The blacksmith tells them that the magical items dealer down the road might be able to help him. Sam asks the magical items dealer if he would have any powerful objects for sale. The shopkeeper tells Sam that he has lots of magical items for sale and what is he looking for specifically. Sam refers to a lightning spear, but the shopkeeper does not have one of those. Sam decides to have the shopkeeper enchant the Fist of Fury with +1d4 fire damage. The shopkeeper informs him that this will take about a week and a half to complete. Tharivol wanted the shopkeeper to change the enchantment on his wand from a wizards wand to a clerics wand, but to no avail. After their shopping they decide to head to the wall, but the guards inform them that no one is allowed past the wall after dark, but there is an inn down the street that they can stay in.

After checking in at the inn, Tharivol and Sam went to the tavern and overheard rumors about the attack on Gondolin. He told the people that he helped save Gondolin with his powerful might. He was a little drunk, so they did not people him. Sam then decide to have a little fun and commanded to Tharivol to dance. Tharivol grabbed the wood elf woman and danced with her, while her boyfriend stared at Sam. As Sam was leaving to go to his room, Tharivol cast grease in front of him and Sam fell and slept in the grease all night. Tharivol went to bed happy, knowing that he got his revenge. The next day, they got up and went through the wall. Some of the company was wary to leave their weapons behind, but they did. The travel to Athens was uneventful and when they got to the gates to the castle, the guards would not let them in because it was too late and they would have to come back in the morning. Jason went to drink with a clergyman who could not stop talking about Alexander’s greatness. Duras and Tharivol overheard the patrons at the bar talk about a Black market arms dealer that the Republic is willing to pay 200 gold for the dealer’s capture. Paul overheard talk about a demon attacking Gondolin.

They sleep in the inn and wake up in the morning to go talk to the King. Alexander greets them and hopes that they have been enjoying their stay in his kingdom.
Sam asks the King for their gold. Alexander replies, " “I apologize that I cannot meet your request at this time. My tax shipments have been delayed. They are five days late.”
“You can wait around until the tax shipment arrives, or you can go see what is taking so long. Taxes are not due for another month, so if this shipment is lost, then you will have to come back in a month.”
The adventurers decide to go find the shipment. Alex relays the following information to them, “I have two groups of tax men. Both groups help collect taxes in Sparta and then they ship them back to Athens. (This is 50% of taxes collected). Then each group goes in a different direction to collect two villages worth of taxes and then heads back. (Each village provides 12.5% of taxes). It takes one week for them to collect taxes in Sparta and two days in each village, therefore, from beginning to end it takes 15 days for my men to collect taxes and return to Athens. Five days late worries me. I do not think I will see this shipment.”
Sam demands that there weapons be shipped to them. Alex states that he will give them all patches that state which weapon they will carry. Sam choses his katana, Jason choses his bow, while Tharivol and Duras chose a short sword. The weapons will not arrive until the next day, so they group stays another night at the inn.


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