Dyersville D and D

Mysterious Stone Encounter

Basilik Head Cheese

King alexander throws a party for the adventurers for saving the captured miners and rooting out the murderers and thieves. Sam learns that there might be a blacksmith in rudabaga that can work adamatium. He hurries off toward rudabaga with Chandler. Along the way, the meet up with Troy’s dragon born, immeral, Eric and a few others. They travel along the road together toward rudabaga when they come upon 12 human stone statues and 2 horse statutes. All the statutes have weapons drawn, and are either standing up or lying on the ground. Chandler looks inside the iron carriage and sees multiple claw marks throughout the carriage, and to his dismay, he finds no gold. The adventurers decide to take the stone statutes to the nearby village of Peoria., since they can not see where the creature went to.

They arrived at the village and asked for a healer, but the adventurers find out that the village’s healer also got turned to stone along with a few others in the village. The adventurers were able to find tracks leading out of the village. They looked like basilisk tracks. Before they followed the tracks, a villager pointed out that they recognize some of the stone figures in the carriage. 9 of the statutes looked like a wanted bandits. The other three, the villagers did not recognize.

The group found some Basilik tracks leading into the forest. They follow the tracks for an hour or so and come to a cave. The group determines that the Basilik is in the cave. Casstius decides to head into the cave to do some recon. While Casstius sneaks into the cave, the others surround the cave and get into position to take down the Basilik. Casstius accidently kicks a stone and it hits the beast, wakening it up. The Basilik begins to come out and someone casts a spell at the edge of the cave to make the Basilik have a disadvantage, but it causes two of the adventures to fall from above the cave and into the path of the Basalik. The Basilik has only once chance to attack before it is taken down by the adventurers. Sam cuts of the Basilik’s head. While the group is deciding what to do next, someone hears something in the bushes. When they go to investigate, another person runs out and away. The group catches him and interrogates him, where Casstius leads everyone to believe that he is the son of Lucifer. After he gets away again. someone shoots him in the leg and he falls, revealing his tattoo of a symbol. The adventurers take him back to the village and they begin to interrogate the prisoner they caught outside the cave. Casstius goes into the carriage to interrogate those prisoners, but right before he went in one of the wizards cast burning hands to incinerate the remaining prisoners. They heal them just barely and Casstius goes in to interrogate them. During the interrogation, he kills one of them. Paul and Troy’s character leave because they no longer want to be apart of this. The group finds out that the enemy their facing calls themself the Shadow Counsel. The man they caught outside the cave provided that information. He said that the shadow counsel recruited him in Dunharrow, promising a new world order. This man wanted protection from the shadow counsel when he gave them all the information that he knew. The group sent him to the Hellenic Republic to be under King Alexander’s care.



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