Dyersville D and D

Restitution for Past wrongs

Berethor confronted Immeral and Natalya about the theft of the villagers’ money from the Prisoner’s stash. Past information in the Prisoner Transport adventure. Immeral pays Berethor the 1000 gold that he wanted from the two of them. Berethor also inquired about the last member of the group that he did not find yet, Tyler. Immeral says that he is also looking for Tyler and will give Berethor the 500 gold when he takes it from Tyler or inform him of Tyler’s location when he finds him. At this point, a messenger runs up to Berethor and informs him that the village of Mulan is being raided by the barbarians out of the desert. He requests that the group help him for 50 gp each. After some bickering about Sam’s reservations about working with Immeral and Natalya again, they left for Mulan.

They met the barbarians on the road returning home from their raid. One wagon contained women and one contained gold from the village. A few words were exchanged but it turned into a battle where the barbarians started a tree on fire and the two wagons. Immeral freed the women from the burning wagon. One barbarian escaped on horseback and one was captured by the group. The barbarian was awestruck that he saw the group again because he thought they died in the burning library back in Gondolin. Berethor is holding this man prisoner in Mulan until he can move him into a more secure facility in Dunharrow. The barbarians were using powerful weapons that Berethor concludes were purchased on the black market. He is hoping that the group will help him from this black market trader and get them out of the region.

Natalya, Immeral, Rowan, and Sam are welcome to stay in the village at no charge for helping them out. The women of the village are extremely grateful to Immeral since he freed them from the burning wagon.

The adventurers stayed in the village overnight and the villagers are going to hold a feast for lunch for the adventurers to demonstrate their thanks. The adventurers were joined by Hackett at the feast. The feast was interrupted by a barbarian attack. Immeral recognizes one of the barbarians as the one who got away. After a battle, two of the barbarians give up and are imprisoned. The one that was captured yesterday tells the group that he will lead them to his leader if they let him go. After a lengthy debate, Berethor and the group agree to that. If they find his leader, they should be able to locate the black market arms dealer and move her out of the area.

They traveled to the town of Hamel. There is no inn in Hamel because it was destroyed
two weeks ago by a group of adventurers who were helping the archmage find out who tried to kill him. they slept outside and woke up bright and early and headed to the tavern. The barbarian pointed out his leader at the bar and left. Jim, the tavern owner had his greatest day because he received a decent payment for information on the barbarian leader and for drinks. The barbarian leader got uncomfortable because three strangers came up to him and were questioning him on his business. The ex hotel owner came in and challenged Natayla to a duel, when he was losing, his group of bandits joined and surrounded her. At this pont, Sam and Rowan jumped in and cleared the bandits while allowing Natayla to beat the ex hotel owner. During this battle, the barbarian leader left. After some sneaking around, the barbarian leader met with the arms dealer, Liliana. She left and Immeral followed. They exchanged information. Immeral told her that their is a good profit to be had up North near Neverwinter. She told him to not go around with the group adventurers that he has been with. She tells him that she cannot protect him from the group of people that the group is looking for. She sells him an orb for 600 gold. She was going to sell it in Dunharrow for 1200 gold, but she trusts Immeral more than the contact in Dunharrow. Immeral nor Liliana know what the orb does.

After Immeral returns, he informs the group of his sister and how she is going away. After considerable debate, the group decides to go after her, but by then she is long gone.


…and Immeral couldn’t give a damn less about most of the rescued stalkers.. women.. whatever… Nothing against them, but their actions were kinda’ creepy and should have asked covertly for a different room. Aren’t their own families missing them?

Restitution for Past wrongs

The women were teenage daughters with no husbands yet.

Restitution for Past wrongs

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