Dyersville D and D

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic

Taxes and audits

2 hours before Sparta: A messenger runs up to the group, from behind. The group hails him.
Messenger: “Hello Tuor and Company. I have a message from Lord Turgon.” “I have been trying to find you guys for 23 days. Turgon wanted to send you a warning. The paladin and wizard that you helped to captured escaped three days after you left Gondolin. When they escaped they stole the scepter. turgon wanted you to be on the lookout for the escapees due to the fact that you were instrumental in their captivity.”

Tuor: to the group, “ I will be heading back to Gondolin to see if I can get more information on this occurrence. You guys might as well go collect the money that you are owed, we have been through a lot this past month just to get here.”

As Tharivol, Sam, Jason, and Duras approach Sparta, they see tall mountains on either side, almost coming together in the middle of Sparta. Buildings begin to appear in your view, and you see a towering wall connecting the mountains. They can see nothing beyond this wall. They enter the thriving city and head to the stables. Sam wishes to purchase a horse, but the company does not like his prices. The stable owner informs the adventurers that noone is allowed past the wall with a weapon and they will be thoroughly searched. Their weapons will be stored in a vault. The group decides to head to the blacksmith, but he did not have anything that they wanted. The blacksmith tells them that the magical items dealer down the road might be able to help him. Sam asks the magical items dealer if he would have any powerful objects for sale. The shopkeeper tells Sam that he has lots of magical items for sale and what is he looking for specifically. Sam refers to a lightning spear, but the shopkeeper does not have one of those. Sam decides to have the shopkeeper enchant the Fist of Fury with +1d4 fire damage. The shopkeeper informs him that this will take about a week and a half to complete. Tharivol wanted the shopkeeper to change the enchantment on his wand from a wizards wand to a clerics wand, but to no avail. After their shopping they decide to head to the wall, but the guards inform them that no one is allowed past the wall after dark, but there is an inn down the street that they can stay in.

After checking in at the inn, Tharivol and Sam went to the tavern and overheard rumors about the attack on Gondolin. He told the people that he helped save Gondolin with his powerful might. He was a little drunk, so they did not people him. Sam then decide to have a little fun and commanded to Tharivol to dance. Tharivol grabbed the wood elf woman and danced with her, while her boyfriend stared at Sam. As Sam was leaving to go to his room, Tharivol cast grease in front of him and Sam fell and slept in the grease all night. Tharivol went to bed happy, knowing that he got his revenge. The next day, they got up and went through the wall. Some of the company was wary to leave their weapons behind, but they did. The travel to Athens was uneventful and when they got to the gates to the castle, the guards would not let them in because it was too late and they would have to come back in the morning. Jason went to drink with a clergyman who could not stop talking about Alexander’s greatness. Duras and Tharivol overheard the patrons at the bar talk about a Black market arms dealer that the Republic is willing to pay 200 gold for the dealer’s capture. Paul overheard talk about a demon attacking Gondolin.

They sleep in the inn and wake up in the morning to go talk to the King. Alexander greets them and hopes that they have been enjoying their stay in his kingdom.
Sam asks the King for their gold. Alexander replies, " “I apologize that I cannot meet your request at this time. My tax shipments have been delayed. They are five days late.”
“You can wait around until the tax shipment arrives, or you can go see what is taking so long. Taxes are not due for another month, so if this shipment is lost, then you will have to come back in a month.”
The adventurers decide to go find the shipment. Alex relays the following information to them, “I have two groups of tax men. Both groups help collect taxes in Sparta and then they ship them back to Athens. (This is 50% of taxes collected). Then each group goes in a different direction to collect two villages worth of taxes and then heads back. (Each village provides 12.5% of taxes). It takes one week for them to collect taxes in Sparta and two days in each village, therefore, from beginning to end it takes 15 days for my men to collect taxes and return to Athens. Five days late worries me. I do not think I will see this shipment.”
Sam demands that there weapons be shipped to them. Alex states that he will give them all patches that state which weapon they will carry. Sam choses his katana, Jason choses his bow, while Tharivol and Duras chose a short sword. The weapons will not arrive until the next day, so they group stays another night at the inn.



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