Dyersville D and D

Thievery in the Hellenic Republic part 2

Discontent and Rebellion

Sam is awakened by Virgil, King Alexander’s head paladin. Virgil invites him and his friends to breakfast to discuss the happenings in Gondolin. Sam agrees and they meet up for breakfast. Virgil informs them that there weapons will not arrive until later in the afternoon, so while they wait they should enjoy a show on the king. Secondly, they discuss what happened in Gondolin. Lastly, Virgil turns to Sam and says, “Last thing, Sam, do you know a paladin named Anna (helped Sam learn his powers). I met her two weeks ago and she introduced herself as a knight of the hammer as well.” “I have some news about her. She came to the REpublic 2 weeks ago to help root out the robbers and murderers in the region, but we have not heard back from her or the company she was travelling with.” They were headed to Abydos, first and then were going to make rounds to Argos, Delphi, and Marathon searching for the criminals. That is all I know about her whereabouts. We have heard no news from them."

The adventurers attend the show about the Tempest of Gondolin based solely on rumors. It depicted Tyler as the champion of Gondolin with the other adventurers as his followers. Toward the end of the play, the stage catches on fire and the group hears increasing chanting outside. Duras runs to the well with other people to help put out the fire. The others go outside toward the chanting and see that there are 20 rioters throwing fire bombs and trying to break down the gate. The group knocks all of the rioters out. Sam wakes one up and asks what he is doing. Bob is rioting because the king charges to high of taxes to spend on himself and cares nothing for the villages. It is about 30-40 gold a month per family. Guards come out of the castle and thank the group for taking out the rioters. Sam defends Bob and says that he was just caught in the cross hairs and was not a rioter. AFter the three guards tie up all the rioters, they wake them all up. One guard grabs one of the rioters and pulls a dagger. Let this be a lesson to all of you for your insurrection against the King. He goes to cut the rioters throat when Paul comes over and knocks him out. Tharivol runs to the castle to talk with the King. The remaining of the group takes care of the guards and knocks them all out. Tharivol meets Archimedes on his way and Archimedes takes him to the King. Archimedes is the head wizard. Tharivol explains that their was a riot and the riot was contained, but one of his guards was going to slit the throat of one of the rioters to prove a point. The King states that that is the law, and it is meant to dissuade others from insurrection, but he will allow the rioters to live because of the adventurers help with containing the riot. Tharivol heads back out with Archimedes to inform the guards of the King’s decision. When they arrive at the gates, all of the rioters are gone and the three guards are tied up. Sam goes to them and tells them that the guards are conspirators against the king and they let the rioters go. Archimedes says that he will determine what is the truth, but he will have to wait for the wizards at the college to create enough truth serum for the three guards. Archimedes states that he will have his answer in 1 week. On the 7th of August, the truth will come out about this incident.

The group decides to grab their weapons and head out of town. They rest along the road and in the morning they continue on to Marathon. They figure they have less than seven days before the King will come after them. They head to Marathon, where they see shacks and buildings completely rundown. Holes in the roofs and walls. They meet with the village leader who states that their taxes have been collected and they were expecting a paladin named Anna about a week ago, but she has not arrived or sent word to them. The group continues on to Delphi, and on the way there, they spot one of the King’s armored carriages in the ditch covered in brush. They do not see any bodies or blood. There was also no gold in the carriage. The group follows the trail of dragged bodies and are ambushed by a group of rangers. The rangers inform them to lay down their arms or become pincushions. After some debate, the group instills enough trust that the rangers take the group to Morwen their leader. After further discussion, Morwen deems that the group does not work for Alexander and that they are friendly to their cause. The group dines with the rebels and some of the group sees that the king’s men are well fed although held captive. Morwen informs the group that they believe the King is shipping most of the taxes elsewhere, but they fail to find the final destination. They lose track of the shipment between Sparta and Abydos. It never reaches Abydos. The rebels believe that showing the Republic what the King is doing with the money will raise enough people to rebel against the King.

Sam begins the discussion of taking the castle. They know that the king employs many wizards and paladins. These will be the hardest to get through. the rebels are mainly rangers. Possible plans of attack are:
Using the armored carriage to smuggle the rangers into the castle walls, where they can try to hold it while they take the King. The main issue is the wizards. In order to deal with this, Sam decides that a distraction of a “dragon” would force the wizards to go out to deal with the “dragon” while the rebels take the castle. This seems highly unlikely to work because of the quick communication between Sparta and Athens via Wizards. Duras want to check out the point where the King issued a no mining ordinance because that is the same area where his midnight carriages go. He says that they need to decide because they have little time to maneuver themselves before Archimedes finds out that they are lying in 5 days. That night the group rests with rebels. They awaken on the 2nd of August.



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