Dyersville D and D

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic part 3

Final preperations and old enemies

The group finally decided on a plan of action. They leave with the rebels early in the morning and head to Athens. Sam lets the remainder of the group persuade the King to send some of his garrison in Athens to check a a rebel attack point between Sparta and Abydos. This is where the King is shipping his gold to in the middle of the night. Sam heads to Sparta to reclaim the fist of fury for the battle that is sure to follow. He meets Aristotle and Phillip on the way to Sparta. This is the wizard and paladin from the tempest of gondolin. Paul attacks and after a quick battle, he severely injures the wizard before Sam flees the scene. As he is fleeing the scene, Paul notices that they are wearing the king’s weapons patches. Paul makes it to Sparta with out further incident. When he retrieves his sword from the blacksmith, the blacksmith told Paul he could not enchant it further because it already has so much power built in that he was afraid to unleash the magic with in. The release of magic could possible destroy his shoppe and a portion of the town.

The group convinces the King to release some of his garrison in Athens. He appointed tharivol in charge of 15 soldiers, two paladins, and two wizards. Tharivol and his company left for Sparta and met up with Phillip and Aristotle. Phillip requested aide for his friend, tharivol did not want to give it because he recognized them from Gondolin. He convinced the company he was traveling with to arrest the two. They arrived in Sparta and tharivol spotted Sam. He told the company that he needed to stock up on some supplies from the apothecary. The paladins and wizards traveling with the group gave tharivol 50g pieces and a shopping list for them. After he left the eyesight view of the company, he doubled back and joined Sam. They both bought horses and headed back to Sparta. They also took a rest to get ready for the big day.
The remainder of the group remained at the castle and ate and slept there. They did some recon and got ready for the return of Sam and tharivol. The plan is set in motion and the Druid heads up to the tower to set off the signal and the other two head to the front gate. Sam and tharivol arrive and are escorted into the garden. Two guards at the castle doors, two guards at the front gates and one guard escorting Sam and tharivol. The signal is sent and the rebellion has begun.



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