Dyersville D and D

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic part 4

revolution and forgiveness

The group battles the guards inside castle grounds and beats them with out raising the alarm inside the castle. The rebels make it inside the grounds. The group moves inside the castle while the rebels hold the gates. The group attacks the guards inside the castle, while chandler moves through the kitchen to the library where there is a door guarded by two guards. Chandler informs them that there are rebels in the castle. The guards join their comrades in the corridor fighting the group and Chandler picks the lock and goes into the dungeon. He finds and releases the soldiers of gondolin. They inform chandler that Alex would pay lord Turgon 2000g for the use of his soldiers for a few months. When the soldiers arrived in the Hellenic Republic, King Alexander had them imprisoned and tortured for information on Gondolin. Chandler heads back up, disappointed that he did not find any gold. The group finished the guards in the corridor and moved into the throne room to begin the final assault on the King. Phillip, the paladin, went after Sam first and declared that Thor is an unjust God for attacking such a just King. Ben moves around to the side door and attacks the King and Aristotle, the wizard. Ben and Elijah fall unconscious during the battle and every else becomes significantly wounded. During the battle, the gem on the throne flashes and thravold falls under the illusion that Alexander is a great and just King. That old heals the paladin, who when rises he is confused on what is happening. Sam convinces him to fight with them against Alexander. Chandler heads to the throne to retrieve the gem and when he gets it it flashes again and Joey thinks chandler is great. When Chandler grabs the orb it loses its illusion on it self and it is actually an orb. Matter Alexander’s guards were beaten, the group was having trouble taking him out, so Sam jumped the King and held him to the ground while the others slashed at Alexander until he fell unconscious. With the King and his guards bond, the group began discussing the orb with the wizard since he is the one who brought it to the King a little over a year ago. Morwen confirms that that was the time that Alex became self absorbed and unjust. The wizard said that he was instructed by a powerful organization to deliver the orb to Alexander. He would not give the name of the organization but indicated that they would all die in the new world order that they are trying to bring about. Sam takes the orb and smashes it. The group hears screaming and yelling outside. Paul heads out and sees that everyone looks like zombies, so he displays his holy symbol and cast a spell that helps the people nearby to see reality, he brings them back inside and the group decides to hold the fort in the castle and wait out the spell. The group wakes up Alex and he was in a daze. He could not remember the last year. He heard what happened in the past year and he was ashamed. After Sam gave Alex his weapons, Alex turns around and offers Morwen his sword, he says that he is not fit to lead. Morwen gives Alex his sword back and said he is a great leader and with her as his advisor, they can bring the Hellenic Republic back to its former glory. The group heads off to Sparta to talk to the wizard and paladin that paul fought on the road. Aristotle was imprisoned in the dungeon for his crimes against the republic.

The wizard and paladin inform the group that the remaining gold was stolen by their organization and they have a high valued target imprisoned.



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