Dyersville D and D

Ben, Elijah, Tuor, and Tharivol were traveling along the road toward the Hellenic Republic, when they stop at a small town named Mirkwood.
Its getting late so they decided to rest at the local inn for the night and collect the money in the morning. While asleep one of our heroes awoke to screaming from outside, so he went downstairs to find out what was the problem. when he came downstairs he was confronted by a mage who was pleading for his help. While trying to figure out what is going on the rest of the group members wake up to find the town is quiet. Looking for people they check all the rooms in the inn and are mistakenly attacked by a assassin named Alex. Trying to figure out the what the heck is going on with all this confusion our adventurers are attacked by a group of townspeople who are under a curse that makes them try to kill anyone who hasn’t lived in the village once a year. The mage who’s name is David is trying to fix this by getting a rabbits foot from the apothecary’s burning it and collecting the ash’s. Finding a golden goblet in the towns temple. As well as gathering the blood of a lamb. He asks the adventurers for help to complete these task’s agreeing they set out to complete them without having to much trouble. After the items where gathered they had to travel to the graveyard to resurrect the wizard who put the curse on the down. Davids great grandfather. David explains that he has to preform a ritual that will have his grandfather inhabit his body and the adventurers will have to slay him. David stepped up to the tombstone and preformed the ritual and his great grandfather took over his body. Alex snuck up behind him for a surprise attack. Doing the best technique that was humanly possible Alex stabbed the Mage for a killing blow. Only to find out that the mage could not be hurt until his guard where dealt with. After a tough and hard battle they defeated all the mages minions and killed David and his great grandfather with the help of Sam Axe and Duras Excubar who were traveling behind the other adventurers. Sam was detoured in Dunharrow and helped Berethor with his barbarian problem, while Duras just stayed in Dunharrow waiting for Sam to come back through. The towns people where so grateful they gave the Alex, Tuor, Tharivol, Ben, and Elijah 30 gold a piece and several of the town’s holy artifacts.



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