Female high-elf Druid


Colleen is a high-elf Druid, neutrally aligned and has a background as Sage. Here’s her stats:

STR: 12, 1
DEX: 17
1, 4
CON: 16, +3
INT: 16
1, +3
WIS: 20, +5
CHA: 20, +5

AC: 13, 15 with Armor, and 17 with a shield.

HP: 34
Level: 4
Proficiencies and Saving Throws: Wisdom, Perception
Skills: Arcana, History, Search, Survival
Tools: Healer’s kit
Feat: Arcane Initiate
Languages: Common, Elfish, Draconic, Infernal, Goblin, Drow (Sage+high elf is awesome!)
Proficiency bonus: +2


First, five random facts concerning Colleen:
1. Colleen is the youngest of four sisters. Often neglected and left alone as a child, she sought solace in early years in books and nature. This would influence her choice to become a Druid.
2. She is social on the outside, but her loyalties are truly to herself. Her lonely and unhappy childhood has left Colleen with the trait of having difficulty forming lasting bonds with others. She likes animals better than people.
3. Colleen was introduced to the Druid way of life by her Uncle, who always treated her with kindness as a child.
4. Colleen’s love of magic is deep, and she has perhaps an unhealthy fascination with the unknown and contacting the other side.
5. It is Colleen’s love of magic that drew her into adventuring, plus stories from an old schoolmate about the joy of hunting for magical items and going on dangerous adventures. Her parents disapprove, but Colleen never had good relationships with her rents anyway.

Second, two in-game goals I would like to see Colleen meet:
1. To have her problem solve, alone or with the group.
2. Leveling up would be nice!

Third, two secrets involving Colleen:
1. Her mother is full Elf. Her father is human. Technically, Colleen should be only half-elf, but that’s not what happened.
2. Colleen has a sister that she does not know about. Her real father is also father to Natalia, a Barbarian from a noble family.

Fourth, three people in Colleen’s life:
1. If she had an arch enemy growing up, it would be her older sister Bella, a half-elf Irish beauty who has as much charm as she has spells. Bella took great amusement in her early teens in torturing Colleen as a small child, and now she is a practicing mage in a distant town.
2. Her uncle on her mom’s side, Patrick O’Connely, who taught her all about the Druidic ways. The whole O’Connely family always treated Colleen kindly; and although she seldom saw them, Colleen grew more attached to the O’Connelys than to her own family.
3. Brittany, Cleric of War, cousin from her (supposed) father’s side. Although they rub each other the wrong way, they aren’t arch enemies.

Fifth, three of Colleen’s memories:
1. Colleen remembers being left behind overnight at daycare (by accident, of course).
2. Colleen remembers going to the O’Connelys house and feeling safe for the first time in her life.
3. Colleen remembers being shipped off to rich private boarding schools, where she was bored stiff, and later the refreshing feel of tutoring Druid magic with the O’Connely family and their friends.


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