Casstius Mucius

Tiefling Rouge


1) Former thief from a thief’s guild known as the shadow reapers

2) Specializes in deception easily weaves lies to infiltrate targets lives and steal everything they own while they least expect it

3) Casstius disappeared from the guild after he fell in love with a noble woman named Tyche, knowing the group would probably have both him and Tyche killed. He tries to keep under the radar of the guild.

4)Casstius is part demon and his father is Aim, and his mother Alexandrea was the wife of a nobleman named Sethborn who summoned Aim to help him take down a rival nobleman. Aim killed Sethborn for trying to back out of their deal after he completed his end of the bargain.

5) Casstius has a rule of not killing the innocent because his mother was killed when he was 16 after the city they were living in was raided by an invading country. His father Aim did nothing to save her since he had made a deal with the invading country. Casstius swears that he will never kill someone unless they attack him first.
1) The first goal of Casstius is to find some way to eliminate the shadow reapers so he can be with his love tyche
2) Casstius’s second goal is to adventure and make lots of money
3) Casstius would also like to become as powerful as his father one day.


1) Casstius sometimes works with authorities behind the scenes to help take down the Shadow Reapers but he does not make this publicly known and the Authorities don’t really know who he is.

2) Dosent know, The Shadow Reapers found out that casstius had a relationship with Tyche and they attempted to murder her, she is now in hiding somewhere.

People Casstius knows

1) Sarah Coldstone, a member of the Shadow Reapers who was close friends with Casstius. Is the only member of the Shadow Reapers that knows he’s alive and provides him information from time to time on the workings of the Shadow Reapers.

2) Kyle Dreadbore, an older gentleman that looked past Casstius’s lineage of being a half demon and was his only friend for the longest time. Taught him everything he knows about deception and tricking people.
3) Lenord Talldog, member of the Shadow Reapers was Casstius’s rival while in the guild and is now the head of the guild. Specializes in assaination and likes to kill his victims.


1) Casstius remembers the first time he stole something, it felt like the greatest thing in the world.

2) Casstius remembers the night he left Tyche leaving a note explaining what was going on and who he was. He misses her dearly though he doesn’t show it.

3) Casstius remembers when his mother died and the smell of burning smoke and dead people all around him
aka: Aym, Aini, Harborym
Rank: Duke
Legions: 26
Strongest: Middle of July
Demon Summoning: Daytime, deep blue colored candles, lemon (plant), tin, platypus (animal)

The demon Duke Aim (also known by the names Aym, Aini, and Harborym) is a mysterious and potentially dangerous being. He seems to enjoy taking part in the manipulation of people, making those who conjure him witty, cunning, and shrewd. He will reveal the secrets of others if asked and will answer questions in regard to those secrets.

Aim is considered to be very handsome and charming, and as all demons can, he often takes multiple forms, though he enjoys taking them at the same time. In his human form, the handsome and charming man, he can use people’s secrets against them and get them to do things they otherwise may not want to do. In his demonic form he grows two extra heads – one to each side of his human one. The first is the head of a serpent and the second the head of a calf. When in this form he displays two marks on his forehead in the shape of pentagrams (stars).

Aim prefers to achieve his goals through wit, cunning, and subtle manipulation, but should this fail he will not hesitate to go into battle with terrifying force. When doing so he wields a poisonous viper in one hand and a flaming sword in the other. With this sword he can burn down entire cities, strongholds, and large areas of land.

Some believe that it was Aim who, once living on Earth in ancient times, created the platypus – the strange, poisonous, egg-laying, duck-billed mammal native to Eastern Australia as a way to prove that the old gods were involved in the evolution of species on our planet as well as to serve as something of a cosmic joke.

Casstius Mucius

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