Daisuke Uchida

Daisuke Uchida is a human male level 3 monk who's alingment is chaotic good.


Daisuke (pronounced “dice-kay”) is of medium stature, has black hair and eyes, and pale skin. His alignment is chaotic good , his background is criminal (spy), and his class is monk. He has normal vision and a speed of 40 ft. (8 spaces).
He speaks common, elvish, and, of course, Japanese.

His stats are:

STR: 18+1 4
DEX: 20
1 5
1 5
INT: 16
1 3
WIS: 16
1 3
1 +3

He has an A.C. of 18, a d8 Hit die, and a proficiency bonus of +2. His proficiencies are: simple weapons, short swords, and unarmed strike, plus deception, stealth, search, DEX, WIS, disguise kit, and thieves tools.

About Daisuke:

#1: Daisuke is a ninja who grew up in a warrior family of four in medieval Japan. He is just now perfecting his skills in ninjitsu at the age of 21.

#2: He is a very brave soul, but somewhat impulsive. He is known for being a swift runner.

#3: Daisuke travels wherever his feet can take him, seeking enlightenment and wisdom. Sometimes he takes a temporary job, usually as a laborer, bodyguard, or assassin.

#4: His weapon of choice is a hand axe, but he usually fights unarmed.

#5: Daisuke likes to stay low profile, so he usually wears commoner’s clothing to blend in to the crowd. #6: Daisuke is the youngest of the two Uchida children. (Yui Uchida is his older sister)

Daisuke’s goals:

#1: He would like to continue honing his combat skills and wisdom, and live a life that will honor his warrior ancestors.

#2: Daisuke would also like to be able to teach some of his skills to others someday.

Secrets concerning Daisuke:

#1: Despite what everyone thinks, Daisuke doesn’t have any secrets (except for being a ninja; only a handful of trusted people know this).
#2: Daisuke doesn’t know this, but unlike what he and Yui have been told, neither of his parents descend from warriors. Both parents were farmers like their ancestors until they both joined a group of Yamabushi.

People Daisuke knows:

#1. Aki Sukegoro, the Samurai governor of the Uchida’s home province. He knew Daisuke’s parents before he or Yui were born. He later contributed monetarily to Yui and Daisuke’s training.

#2: His Sensei, Nari Tadaki, who taught him most of what he knows about combat, stealth and survival.

#3: His closest friend and older sister, Yui.

#4: As of right now, whether it be because of his low-profile nature or his unique profession, he has no arch enemy. The enemies of his childhood he took care of long ago, and he has yet to meet his enemies of the future.

Daisuke’s memories:

#1: Daisuke remembers the first time he met Stephanie at an archery contest his sister was competing at.

#2: Daisuke remembers his father and mother giving him mini lessons and quizzes to see what life path he had a natural aptitude for.
#3: He remembers practicing sneaking up on wild animals as a small child.

#4: He also remembers a time when was 3 that he and Yui tripped one of their uncles as a joke. It turned out messier than planned.

Daisuke Uchida

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