Duras Excubar

Wood Elf, Ranger, Male, level 2


Weapon Attacks
2 shortswords -2d6

hit points-16


STR +2
DEX +3
CON +2
INT +1
WIS +3

speed 7
gold 145

+1 to ranged attackes
when you do damage to a creature on your turn with a weapon attack, deal 1d8 extra damage to each other creature you later damage in the same turn.


1. Was a member of a group of bounty hunters for a long while
2. Left after the group let a whole church full of people burn to get their man.
3. Now travels as a ranger protecting people to make up for what happened with the church
4. Meet his younger brother about 4 years back that was taken at birth. Chorkin
5. Adventured with him for a while until he found out he was evil they got into a fight and Chorkin felll off a cliff. And Duras presumed he is dead. No body was found.
1. Save as many people as possible from evil
2. Find out who took Chorkin as birth and why

1. (knows) When the fire broke out in the church Duras was so determined to get his man that he didn’t go back to try to save the people, He keeps this to himself and that’s why he blames himself for their deaths
2. (Dosent know) In the fight his brother actually survived but was severely injured from the fall after taking a year to recover he is setting out to track his brother and get revenge.


1. Joseph marker- leader of the bounty hunter group that duras was a part of joined after the church fire. He keeps in contact with Duras and sometimes asks for help with dangerous criminals that theyre after (Wood Elf 20 years younger then duras)
2. Natalie Edgewidow – a orphaned child who’s parents where in the church fire, Duras took her in and raised her as his own. She is now 24 and is a ranger like himself. Dosent know that Duras had anything to do with the church fire that killed her parents.
3. Tesmole dreghead – man who helped Duras’s brother recover from his injury’s now he is helping Chorkin find his brother and seek his revenge.
1. Duras remembers somewhat of the night his brother was taken from his village it was in the middle of the night he thinks a man who was riding a wolf took his brother but he dosent know who it was.
2. The burning church where he blames himself for all the people’s deaths. Some times when he meditates he smells burning wood and people screaming
3. The fight with his brother his brother favored daggers and was going to sacrifice a girl from a local town they were near to obtain some godly power. Hates black magic

Duras Excubar

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