Immeral "Moon" Naïlo

Chaotic Neutral Wood Elf Cleric


Wood Elf Cleric — Male
Level 5 / Chaotic Neutral

HP 47 – AC 19
Proficiency Bonus +3

- holy symbol – small black crystal orb pendant

deity – The Invisible God of Shadows and Invisibility Whose Name is as Well Known as Its Image – Chaotic Neutral deity of shadows

- Key objects held at bottom of this section…

Str 14 ( +2)
Dex 20 ( +5)
Con 15 ( +2)
Int 12 ( +1)
Wis 17 ( +3)
Cha 12 ( +1)

Languages – Common, Elfish, Undercommon
Daggers – attack 8 – damage 1D45
Long Bow 1] – attack +9 – damage1D86
AC 18 (Glamoured St. Leather – Studded Leather 17 +1 / change visual appearance at will)
Amulet of +1 Armor

- Discipline of Life – Whenever you restore hit points to a creature with a spell, the creature regains additional hit points equal to 2+ the spell’s level. The spell must be at least 1st level.

- Turn Undead
- Channel Divinity – 30’ Cleric Level 5x5 life gain divided among any number of characters within range to a maximum of 1/2 their full hp…

Cleric Spells: – healing abilities adjusted accordingly to feats and bonuses…
Save DC = 8+Wis Mod 3

- Light
- Sacred Flame
- Spare the Dying
- Thaumaturgy

Level 1 – 4/day
- Bless – 30’ max 3 targets – ingredient Holy Water – atk/sv throw get additional 1D4
- Cure Wounds – Touch – target regains 2D8 +6 hp
- Healing Word (bonus action) – 60’ – target regains 1D4 +6 hp
- Inflict Wounds – 25’ – Divine Initiative Reservation – D20
6 spell atk – 3D10 +6 Necrotic

Level 2 – 3/day
- Lesser Restoration – Cure blindness, disease, paralysis
- Prayer of Healing [10 min. casting time] – 6 within 25’ – (1D8+10)
- Spiritual Weapon – black whip wreathed in shadow – summon spiritual weapon for 1 minute – bonus action to attack and move up to 20’ per turn
- – - – 1D8+wis mod [6 – +3 wis and +3 prof. bonus]

Level 3 – 2/day
- Mass Healing Word (bonus action) – up to 6 within 60’ regain 1D4 +8
- Speak with Dead –
- Spirit Guardians
- Tongues – touch, 1 action, duration 1 hour, component (clay model of ziggurat) – speak and understand any languages – speaking in any language causes every language creature to understand what casted is saying…

proficient with heavy armor shields, all simple weapons, thieves tools, gaming set

has Criminal Contact and ties to underground organizations.. and substantial bounty on his head…

5 – Acrobatics
3 – Animal Companion
1 – Arcana
2 – Athletics
4 – Deception
1 – History
6 – Insight
1 – Intimidation
1 – Investigation
3 – Perception
1 – Performance
1 – Persuasion
1 – Religion
5 – Slight of Hand
8 – Stealth
3 – Survival

holds Orb of Wind (meant for Dunhar, though purchased from Lilina), Jujubi’s Amulet, Tiamat Cultist Robes, Jade Pendant of Immortality, Staff of the Monkey King,…


Immeral and his twin sister Lilina were until recently members of Omega Corp; the espionage branch of their tribe; the Crescent Moon Elves [the last line.. end of the beginning, beginning of the end]. Faced with an overwhelming enemy, the tribe switched to an [until then] unheard of tactic. Through these means, Immeral integrated partially into the medical corps, learning healing abilities from the tribal clerics and shamans on top of his spy abilities.

Of late, the tribe temporarily dissolved the Omega Corp, though its members still communicate regularly through hidden messages and codes in case the tribe should need them to return for any need… Since its disbanding, Immeral has taken on various jobs, gained entrance into various spy circles, and has gained the trust of a small, diverse group of adventurers.

Though normally good by nature, Immeral follows deities of the shadow planes (The Shadow being an Evil Elder God, and The Invisible God of Shadows and Invisibility Whose Name is as Well Known as Its Image, being the only Chaotic Neutral deity of shadow). As such, Immeral will more likely than not heal those around him, though has no qualms about harming or using harsher means to achieve his ends if the action is justified…

Immeral has a knack for collecting and trading knowledge. Many a battle has been won and lost based on the known and the unknown.

As honest and trustworthy as Immeral tries to be, there are parts of his past that he will not discuss with anyone except his sister and maybe his most trusted allies; the shadows of his past shroud many dark secrets that if discovered, could lead his current allies to abandon him. Unknown to his current allies, there is a significant bounty on his head for past actions against wealthy and powerful nobles, as well as demons and devils of the lower realms for reasons too innumerable to count. This information, as well as his current whereabouts remain anonymous to those around him and whom this information concerns thanks to his various allied spy rings, though his repetitive activities could draw old enemies with lasting grudges toward him and his allies at any time. Only time will tell what will happen…

Sorgrum Luster; a Human Archmage is one of many beings both of this plane and of the demonic realms whom Immeral managed to upset on many occasions, by helping to foil their plans for [among many things] territorial domination. Sorgrum in particular has called for the assassination of all members of the temporarily disbanded Omega Corps, especially the unknown shadow healer.

Immeral "Moon" Naïlo

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