Lathander Coal

Drow Druid Spy for Immeral


Skipping over the never-ending backstory of being stuck in a jailor’s cart for a crime I.. well, I did commit, but I won’t get into that.. I have been tasked by Immeral to watch out for the Neverwinter group. I’ll only appear when needed, otherwise I’ll be outside the local tavern playing pranks on the stupid humans as they come hobbling out.. occasionally hobbling in under the guise of one of their enraged spouses for entertainment value…

I may seem sarcastic and unreasonable (especially around surface-walkers, like humans), but beneath that I have a gooey center, filled with love for all of the other gods’ creaaaa.. eh, who am I trying to kid… My respect and affiliations fall to those I owe and those who will pay well and not try to squelch me.. specifically duty to Immeral for now, for that time.. and that one.. and maybe that one too.. and oh, the horse; though that wasn’t necessarily my fault, so I’ll just skip that one…

Level 4 Dryad / Guild Thief

Wildshape / Circle of the Moon – 3/day – wolf (wild)/ red bloodhound (long story)/ Bull Mastiff (great memories and even better payoff that day…)

Str – 9 – -1
Dex – 18 – +4
Con – 16 – +3
Int – 13 – +1
Wis – 13 – +1
Cha – 17 – +3

Guild Thief – Converse using Thieves Cant / Double-speak
Languages – Common, Undercommon, Elfish, Draconic, Demonic

Nature (int)
Deception (
Slight of Hand (dex)
Stealth (

Disguise Kit (cha)
Thieves’ Tools (
Poisoner’s Kit (wis) – can create poisons
Herbalism Kit (
wis) – can create healing potions

Lolth-Touched Magic
Dancing Lights – Cantrip
Faerie Fire – 1/day

Divine Initiative
Spare the Dying – Cantrip
Sacred Flame – Cantrip
Cure Wounds – 1/day

Fire Seeds

L1 – 3/day
Cure Wounds
Thunder Wave

L2 – 2/day


Lathander Coal

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