Lilina "Bree" Naïlo

Level 4 Monk / Wood Elf / Immeral's twin sister


Lilina “Bree” Naïlo – [edited from playtest version to current V5 – most abilities and stats were obsolete, not leveled to 5]
Chaotic Neutral, Level 4, Monk / Spy background
AC 19 / HP 36

Speed – 45’ + Monk Speed ability

Languages -

Str 14 +2
Dex 20 +5
Con 16 +3
Int 14 +2
Wis 18 +4
Con 11 0

4 Ki Points

Long Bow – D20+7 – 1D8+5
Unarmed Strike – D20+7 – 1D4+5

Martial Arts – if attacking with unarmed strike or monk weapon, can perform a second unarmed strike as a bonus action
Flurry of Blows – 1 ki point – two unarmed strikes as a bonus action on your turn
Patient Defense – 1 ki point – take Dodge action as bonus action on your turn
Step of the Wind – 1 ki point – disengage or dash as a bonus action on your turn – Jump distance doubled
Deflect Missiles – reaction – catch missile – decrease range damage taken by 1D10 + dex mod + monk level
Slow Fall – reaction – reduce fall damage by 5x monk level
Way of the Shadow – gain Minor Illusion as cantrip

- Cantrip – Minor Illusion - L1 Monk Spells – 2 ki points each use – Darkness, Darkvision, Pass Without Trace, and Silence

Criminal Background – have contacts in the underground to pass and receive information from, able to pick locks, use disguise kit.

Dark Vision 60’ [Elf trait]
Hide in light obscurities [Wood Elf]

7 Acrobatics
4 Animal Handling
2 Arcana
2 Athletics
2 Deception
2 History
6 Insight
0 Intimidate
2 Investigation
4 Medicine
2 Nature
4 Perception
0 Performance
0 Persuasion
4 Religion
5 Slight of Hand
7 Stealth
4 Survival


Lilina “Bree” Naïlo is the twin sister of Immeral. As members of the Crescent Moon Elves, they were sorted by their talents into the spy / espionage portion of their tribe. Where Immeral eventually picked up healing abilities from the priests and shamans, Lilina focused on honing her skills in combat; becoming a powerful monk.

With the disbanding of the Omega Corps, she has moved from spy ring to spy ring, creating an elaborate network of informants and information trade. Though she keeps tabs on her brother’s activities, she is focused and driven on her own tasks; on many occasions, finding ways around many complicated situations.

Like Immeral, she has a substantial bounty on her head by many nobles and beings of the demonic realms (always keeping a few steps ahead of and misleading would-be bounty hunters down false trails, away from her brother and other tribesmen). She will not hesitate to kill if it means protecting those she trusts…

Recently, she has taken up arms dealings with Underdark Traders and various thieves and spy guilds throughout the known regions on top of her information dealing. She has gained a renowned reputation as a reliable black market arms dealer, though make a bad deal with her or turn on her and it might be the last deal you will ever make…

She does not readily trust others outside of family, though would do anything necessary to protect her family. Due to this lack of trust and recurring past of being hunted by “good nobles” who have made deals with demons of the lower realms (something of which her tribe fought for centuries to fight against), the sides of justice and righteousness are more blurred than most others would believe…

Lilina has been recently spotted in near the southern desert, dealing black market weapons with some local desert renegades. Upon stumbling into her twin brother Immeral, she learned more of the group that was following her, as well as more on the local authorities’ potential measures (and the people she was dealing with). She traded information with Immeral about some people who had been on both their trails, as well as telling him to watch out for some locals who sought to harm him. With a quick trade of an object bound for Dunharrow and word of a potentially good paying job in a region to the north (dealing to a militarily weak town that had been hit hard recently by bandits), Lilina bid her twin farewell before departing quickly for the new opportunity.


While attempting to leave the region, the Shadow Council caught and captured her. The strangers interrogated her in order to find the orb she had sold to her brother and their location. Luckily, Immeral and the other adventurers searched for and found her in the abandoned building in the slums of town.

Near the end of the long fougt battle, Sam Axe defeated the wizard that stood guarsd over her and cast Cure Wounds on her to stabalize her injuries. With the end of the battle, Immeral went to her toxontinue mending her wounds. Once up and walking, the group went downstairs to find the group that had let them pass without battle had been killed by an unknown imp. Lilina suggested that Sam not kill those of the group who were believed to have done the act without sufficient evidence.

Sam Axe reluctantly asked Lilina (well known as a Black Market arms dealer) and Immeral to deliver the discovered gold to the families of those killed on the first floot. As a sigh of thanks, Lilina gave Immeral an amulet of.+1 AC.

Lilina "Bree" Naïlo

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