Norlannan Davarol

Tharivol's brother


Norlannan is Tharivol‘s brother. Their father always preferred Tharivol because he was the first born. Norlannan didn’t really blame Tharivol for this. He blamed their father. In fact, Norlannan and Tharivol got along fairly well. When Norlannan found out that Tharivol was worshipping Pelor, he wasn’t that surprised. He told their father, not to become the heir, but because he thought it would show their father that Tharivol wasn’t becoming the clone of Dad that he wanted. That way, Dad would treat the two of them more equally. In the three years since Tharivol left, their father has been grooming Norlannan to become the heir and Norlannan’s personality is starting to become more like his father’s.

Following the events at the wizard college, Norlannan was killed by his father for unknown reasons.

Norlannan Davarol

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