High-elf of Chaotic Nuetral alingment


Gender, male.
Class, Multi-classed as a level three mage and a level one fighter.
Background, soldier.
Speed, 30 ft.
Vision, low light.
Color of hair, brown; color of skin, pale.
Skills are Arcana, Athletics, Intimidation, Survival and Athletics.
Languages, common and elfish.
His feat is Arcane Initiate.
His saving throw specialties are Wisdom and Intelligence.
He has proficiency with land mounts and land vehicles.
He currently stands as a multiclassed character, in keeping with the latest playtest. He’s both a level-3 mage and a level 1 fighter, with 26 maximum hit points. His stats are as follows:

STR 15 2
DEX 17
1 4
CON 20 +5
INT 17
1 +4
WIS 14 +2
CHA 12 +1
Proficiency Bonus= +2
AC=14, 17 with banded armor, 19 with a shield, and his fighter style of Defender adds one if he’s wearing armor.
Rowan is pursuing the Evocation school of illusion.


First: Some General Information

1. Rowan is a wizard of Scottish origin with a military background, ready to fight with spell, blade or arrow.

2. Rowan is quiet and observant; he looks after himself, and in turn, those who look after him. However, despite being of a distrustful nature he honors his group’s general interests.

3. Rowan has no close relatives in Salt Marsh to speak of. He is not of noble birth, but he has mingled with fairly well-off society in the past. He generally gets along best with other wizards, or non-religious fighters (barbarians and fighters, for example).

4. Rowan is technically a wandering wizard. He and his fellow adventurers in Salt Marsh know that he has no plans to permanently stay in the area. Constantly restless, he comes and goes, joining armies and fighting battles but then disappearing when all is said and done without a trace, failing even to attend veteran re-unions. For his evasiveness, he is sometimes called “The Highland Fox”.

5. Rowan is acquainted with the Four Elemental Mages (who all have character sheets), who are not based in Salt Marsh but are several days away. He also knows fellow adventurer Natalia’s former family from mutual connections in days gone by.

Second; some in game goals:
1. To level up! Throw battle at him, give him a war to fight and XP to gain.
2. To gain magical knowledge of scrolls, lore, ect.

Third, two secrets concerning Rowan:

1. Years ago, one of the military units Rowan served with was stationed in a town where he met a woman, Lana, who he fell in love with. He was planning to leave the army when his tour was done so he could settle down and get married, but only a week after leaving town on a march Rowan was shocked to hear that the defenseless neutral town was burned to the ground by attacking orcs. Everyone was killed, and the heads of the inhabitants-including Lana’s- were put on stakes outside the charred ruins of the city to discourage local retaliation. Even Rowan’s closest friends know nothing of this event’s emotional impact.

2. One thing that Rowan does not know is that there is an underground resistance effort against another old enemy of Rowans, Lord Font La’Roy. If Rowan knew this, he would probably leave Salt Marsh to work with them.

Fourth; three people Rowan knows:

1. Kathy, the Elemental Mage of Earth, who is as a sister to him. They met when Rowan apprenticed magic. Though on good terms with each other, they rarely talk.

2. Canne MacBarnes, who taught Rowan archery. The oldest of Rowan’s three listed acquaintances, MacBarnes is a good man who makes his living selling finely crafted bows to various adventurers. Canne is one of the few people who Rowan has allowed to be a guiding voice of reason in his life; their friendship is unconditional.

3. Evil Lord Buxton Font La’Roy is Rowan’s arch enemy. The entire Font La’Roy family has been nothing but trouble for Rowan. Their witch of a daughter would have nothing to do with him once his money ran out, the father was an egotistical @#$, the mother took no greater joy but to humiliate Rowan in public, but it was their son—Buxton—who would really drive a wedge between the wizard and the Font La’Roys. In the outset of a goblin war, Buxton bought a commission in the army as a Captain and became the head of Rowan’s own archery battalion. Captain Font La’Roy betrayed the army’s position to the goblins for a huge sum of money just before a battle, and because of Font La’Roy’s treachery, Rowan’s unit was nearly wiped out and the battle was totally lost. Now, while Lord Buxton Font La’Roy lives in a posh aristocratic bubble on land the victorious goblins granted him, most of Rowan’s friends lie buried under the moors where they fell in battle. Rowan copes by avoiding the subject—and the Font LaRoy’s!

Fifth; some of Rowan’s Memories:

1. He remembers that he loved nature as a child, and his love of nature fuelled his interest in magic.

2. He remembers his life when it was “good”; when Lana was alive, when he was new to the military and all was fun, good times and the future seemed bright.

3. The horrors of war are fresh in his mind; coming back to Lana’s destroyed village, the short work he and his unit did of the orc raiders when they caught up with them three days later, and the horrible battle where Lord Font LaRoy betrayed the army at Caldrec-Dun where most of his friends died. While these events might make a pacifist out of some people, for Rowan it has only strengthened his connection with the way of sword and spell; it is the only life he feels he has left.


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