Tharivol Davarol II

Tharivol's father


Tharivol’s father is Tharivol II (don’t ever call him Junior). Dad is kind of Machiavellian. He’s always looking for ways to gain power. He would love to become High Archmage, but he lacks the innate magical ability to advance any further. He started training Tharivol almost from birth in magical arts and to become the High Archmage so that he would have power that comes from having a son in such a powerful position. He actually knew that Tharivol was worshipping Pelor a few weeks before Norlannan told him, but he didn’t mind because he thought it was just a passing fancy. When Dad found out that Tharivol was seriously studying divine magic and losing ground on his arcane studies, he became quite angry and threw Tharivol out of the house for refusing to give up his training. He has since started grooming Norlannan for the High Archmage position and so far is quite pleased with the results.

Following an attempt on his life, Tharivol stayed back until the party investigated the horrors happening at the wizard college. Afterwards, He have his son a family wand to help arcane magic. Afterwards everyone had left, He stabbed his son Norlannan to death for reasons unknown.

Tharivol Davarol II

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