Tharivol Davarol III

Elven Cleric/Wizard played by Troy


Tharivol is travelling the countryside, looking for ways to get back in the good graces of his father, Tharivol II (don’t ever call him Junior).

His father is the third highest ranking member in the Elven Mages College. It was always his hope that Tharivol would succeed him and become the High Archmage. When Tharivol’s father found out that Tharivol wanted to do good deeds and help people in the name of the god Pelor, he disinherited him and cast him out. Tharivol believes that his brother, Norlannan, told their father so that he would become the heir.

Before he was cast out, Tharivol’s three manservants helped him continue his clerical training without letting his father know. They were so proud of the good things Tharivol has done that they decided to follow him on his journey. Their names are Hickory, Dickory, and Doc.

Tharivol Davarol III

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