Yui Uchida

Female human fighter,neutral, level 3


Yui Uchida is a female fighter from feudal Japan. Her alignment is Neutral, and her background is a commoner (farmer, in this case.)
Some technical information regarding Yui:

Hair: black
Eyes: black
Skin: Pale
Size: small
Vision: normal
Speed: 30 feet

Languages: Common, Orcish (and of course, Japanese!)
Feats: None
Proficiency bonus:+2

Weapon proficiencies: all simple and martial weapons
Armor proficiencies: all armor and shields
Other: Riding

STR: 17+1, 4
DEX: 19
1, 5
CON: 20
1, 5
INT: 17
1, 4
WIS: 13
1, 2
CHA: 14
1, +2

Armor class: 15 without armor, 17 with armor
Current Hit Point Maximum: 41 HP
Level: 3


A look into the background of Yui Uchida.
First, six randomly relevant facts about Yui:

  1. 1:Yui comes from a family of four, all of them trained warriors.
  2. 2:Both of Yui’s parents come from families that descend from long lines of warriors.
  3. 3:Yui likes carrots, and has a potentially dangerous level of curiosity.
  4. 4:She enjoys traveling around the world seeking adventure and excitement. Sometimes she settles down and takes a job for a while, but only when she feels like it.
  5. 5:her weapon of choice is a longbow, although she possesses considerable skill with the long sword and quarterstaff. She has also been known to use her teeth in close quarters combat, or in the interrogation of beings that she considers enemies to herself or her friends.
  6. 6:She is known for her stubbornness, toughness, and stamina.

Yui’s goals:
Some of the key things Yui would like to see happen before she dies:

  1. 1: To level up.
  2. 2: She wishes to someday go on an adventure with at least one of her family members.

Secrets concerning Yui:

  1. 1 Her brother, Daisuke, has the hot’s for another adventurer named Stephanie.
  2. 2 Yui dose not know it, but she doesn’t actually descend from a long line of warriors. Her ancestors on both of her parents side were farmers and craftsmen. Her parents told her this lie so she would feel obligated to do difficult tasks and good deeds.

Some people in Yui’s life:

  1. 1: Aki Sukegoro, a Samurai warlord whom Yui has known since she was a small child. Sukegoro is the governor of the Uchida’s home province.
  2. 2: Yui has a particular dislike for another adventurer, a Halfling Ranger named Stephanie. Yui would gladly kill her in an honorable way, such as conventional combat or a one-on-one duel, though she considers Stephanie too worthy an opponent to resort to cold blooded murder.
  3. 3: Yui’s closest friend is her brother, the ninja Daisuke Uchida.

Some of Yui’s Memories:

  1. 1: Yui remembers her parents telling vivid stories of the brave deeds and triumphs of her warrior ancestors. She often draws strength from these stories in hard times.
  2. 2: Yui remembers all those hot summer afternoons of her childhood, knocking back a few shots of hard liquor with her aunt and uncle, whom she often stayed with when her parents were away on business.
  3. 3: She remembers the time when she defeated a sword master with training swords when she was five.
  4. 4: She also remembers all those years of rigorous training that made her who she is in combat.

Yui Uchida

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