Dyersville D and D

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic
Taxes and audits

2 hours before Sparta: A messenger runs up to the group, from behind. The group hails him.
Messenger: “Hello Tuor and Company. I have a message from Lord Turgon.” “I have been trying to find you guys for 23 days. Turgon wanted to send you a warning. The paladin and wizard that you helped to captured escaped three days after you left Gondolin. When they escaped they stole the scepter. turgon wanted you to be on the lookout for the escapees due to the fact that you were instrumental in their captivity.”

Tuor: to the group, “ I will be heading back to Gondolin to see if I can get more information on this occurrence. You guys might as well go collect the money that you are owed, we have been through a lot this past month just to get here.”

As Tharivol, Sam, Jason, and Duras approach Sparta, they see tall mountains on either side, almost coming together in the middle of Sparta. Buildings begin to appear in your view, and you see a towering wall connecting the mountains. They can see nothing beyond this wall. They enter the thriving city and head to the stables. Sam wishes to purchase a horse, but the company does not like his prices. The stable owner informs the adventurers that noone is allowed past the wall with a weapon and they will be thoroughly searched. Their weapons will be stored in a vault. The group decides to head to the blacksmith, but he did not have anything that they wanted. The blacksmith tells them that the magical items dealer down the road might be able to help him. Sam asks the magical items dealer if he would have any powerful objects for sale. The shopkeeper tells Sam that he has lots of magical items for sale and what is he looking for specifically. Sam refers to a lightning spear, but the shopkeeper does not have one of those. Sam decides to have the shopkeeper enchant the Fist of Fury with +1d4 fire damage. The shopkeeper informs him that this will take about a week and a half to complete. Tharivol wanted the shopkeeper to change the enchantment on his wand from a wizards wand to a clerics wand, but to no avail. After their shopping they decide to head to the wall, but the guards inform them that no one is allowed past the wall after dark, but there is an inn down the street that they can stay in.

After checking in at the inn, Tharivol and Sam went to the tavern and overheard rumors about the attack on Gondolin. He told the people that he helped save Gondolin with his powerful might. He was a little drunk, so they did not people him. Sam then decide to have a little fun and commanded to Tharivol to dance. Tharivol grabbed the wood elf woman and danced with her, while her boyfriend stared at Sam. As Sam was leaving to go to his room, Tharivol cast grease in front of him and Sam fell and slept in the grease all night. Tharivol went to bed happy, knowing that he got his revenge. The next day, they got up and went through the wall. Some of the company was wary to leave their weapons behind, but they did. The travel to Athens was uneventful and when they got to the gates to the castle, the guards would not let them in because it was too late and they would have to come back in the morning. Jason went to drink with a clergyman who could not stop talking about Alexander’s greatness. Duras and Tharivol overheard the patrons at the bar talk about a Black market arms dealer that the Republic is willing to pay 200 gold for the dealer’s capture. Paul overheard talk about a demon attacking Gondolin.

They sleep in the inn and wake up in the morning to go talk to the King. Alexander greets them and hopes that they have been enjoying their stay in his kingdom.
Sam asks the King for their gold. Alexander replies, " “I apologize that I cannot meet your request at this time. My tax shipments have been delayed. They are five days late.”
“You can wait around until the tax shipment arrives, or you can go see what is taking so long. Taxes are not due for another month, so if this shipment is lost, then you will have to come back in a month.”
The adventurers decide to go find the shipment. Alex relays the following information to them, “I have two groups of tax men. Both groups help collect taxes in Sparta and then they ship them back to Athens. (This is 50% of taxes collected). Then each group goes in a different direction to collect two villages worth of taxes and then heads back. (Each village provides 12.5% of taxes). It takes one week for them to collect taxes in Sparta and two days in each village, therefore, from beginning to end it takes 15 days for my men to collect taxes and return to Athens. Five days late worries me. I do not think I will see this shipment.”
Sam demands that there weapons be shipped to them. Alex states that he will give them all patches that state which weapon they will carry. Sam choses his katana, Jason choses his bow, while Tharivol and Duras chose a short sword. The weapons will not arrive until the next day, so they group stays another night at the inn.

Town of Crazies

Ben, Elijah, Tuor, and Tharivol were traveling along the road toward the Hellenic Republic, when they stop at a small town named Mirkwood.
Its getting late so they decided to rest at the local inn for the night and collect the money in the morning. While asleep one of our heroes awoke to screaming from outside, so he went downstairs to find out what was the problem. when he came downstairs he was confronted by a mage who was pleading for his help. While trying to figure out what is going on the rest of the group members wake up to find the town is quiet. Looking for people they check all the rooms in the inn and are mistakenly attacked by a assassin named Alex. Trying to figure out the what the heck is going on with all this confusion our adventurers are attacked by a group of townspeople who are under a curse that makes them try to kill anyone who hasn’t lived in the village once a year. The mage who’s name is David is trying to fix this by getting a rabbits foot from the apothecary’s burning it and collecting the ash’s. Finding a golden goblet in the towns temple. As well as gathering the blood of a lamb. He asks the adventurers for help to complete these task’s agreeing they set out to complete them without having to much trouble. After the items where gathered they had to travel to the graveyard to resurrect the wizard who put the curse on the down. Davids great grandfather. David explains that he has to preform a ritual that will have his grandfather inhabit his body and the adventurers will have to slay him. David stepped up to the tombstone and preformed the ritual and his great grandfather took over his body. Alex snuck up behind him for a surprise attack. Doing the best technique that was humanly possible Alex stabbed the Mage for a killing blow. Only to find out that the mage could not be hurt until his guard where dealt with. After a tough and hard battle they defeated all the mages minions and killed David and his great grandfather with the help of Sam Axe and Duras Excubar who were traveling behind the other adventurers. Sam was detoured in Dunharrow and helped Berethor with his barbarian problem, while Duras just stayed in Dunharrow waiting for Sam to come back through. The towns people where so grateful they gave the Alex, Tuor, Tharivol, Ben, and Elijah 30 gold a piece and several of the town’s holy artifacts.

Restitution for Past wrongs

Berethor confronted Immeral and Natalya about the theft of the villagers’ money from the Prisoner’s stash. Past information in the Prisoner Transport adventure. Immeral pays Berethor the 1000 gold that he wanted from the two of them. Berethor also inquired about the last member of the group that he did not find yet, Tyler. Immeral says that he is also looking for Tyler and will give Berethor the 500 gold when he takes it from Tyler or inform him of Tyler’s location when he finds him. At this point, a messenger runs up to Berethor and informs him that the village of Mulan is being raided by the barbarians out of the desert. He requests that the group help him for 50 gp each. After some bickering about Sam’s reservations about working with Immeral and Natalya again, they left for Mulan.

They met the barbarians on the road returning home from their raid. One wagon contained women and one contained gold from the village. A few words were exchanged but it turned into a battle where the barbarians started a tree on fire and the two wagons. Immeral freed the women from the burning wagon. One barbarian escaped on horseback and one was captured by the group. The barbarian was awestruck that he saw the group again because he thought they died in the burning library back in Gondolin. Berethor is holding this man prisoner in Mulan until he can move him into a more secure facility in Dunharrow. The barbarians were using powerful weapons that Berethor concludes were purchased on the black market. He is hoping that the group will help him from this black market trader and get them out of the region.

Natalya, Immeral, Rowan, and Sam are welcome to stay in the village at no charge for helping them out. The women of the village are extremely grateful to Immeral since he freed them from the burning wagon.

The adventurers stayed in the village overnight and the villagers are going to hold a feast for lunch for the adventurers to demonstrate their thanks. The adventurers were joined by Hackett at the feast. The feast was interrupted by a barbarian attack. Immeral recognizes one of the barbarians as the one who got away. After a battle, two of the barbarians give up and are imprisoned. The one that was captured yesterday tells the group that he will lead them to his leader if they let him go. After a lengthy debate, Berethor and the group agree to that. If they find his leader, they should be able to locate the black market arms dealer and move her out of the area.

They traveled to the town of Hamel. There is no inn in Hamel because it was destroyed
two weeks ago by a group of adventurers who were helping the archmage find out who tried to kill him. they slept outside and woke up bright and early and headed to the tavern. The barbarian pointed out his leader at the bar and left. Jim, the tavern owner had his greatest day because he received a decent payment for information on the barbarian leader and for drinks. The barbarian leader got uncomfortable because three strangers came up to him and were questioning him on his business. The ex hotel owner came in and challenged Natayla to a duel, when he was losing, his group of bandits joined and surrounded her. At this pont, Sam and Rowan jumped in and cleared the bandits while allowing Natayla to beat the ex hotel owner. During this battle, the barbarian leader left. After some sneaking around, the barbarian leader met with the arms dealer, Liliana. She left and Immeral followed. They exchanged information. Immeral told her that their is a good profit to be had up North near Neverwinter. She told him to not go around with the group adventurers that he has been with. She tells him that she cannot protect him from the group of people that the group is looking for. She sells him an orb for 600 gold. She was going to sell it in Dunharrow for 1200 gold, but she trusts Immeral more than the contact in Dunharrow. Immeral nor Liliana know what the orb does.

After Immeral returns, he informs the group of his sister and how she is going away. After considerable debate, the group decides to go after her, but by then she is long gone.

Neverwinter Nights Part 1.1
Beggar's Nest

With the task of searching for the missing Waterdhavian Creatures at hand [a cocatrice, a yahn-ti, an intellect devourer, and a dryad], Lady Arabeth DeTylmarand quickly warned the group that finding the creatures that had disappeared into the city would only be part of the challenge. Nearly every district had erupted into chaos of some kind over the week between the attack on Neverwinter Academy and now. The magical barrier used to stop the Waterdhavian Creatures from leaving the city was still holding strong. With a final blessing, the group emerged into the light of the early evening sun.

Once clear of the Halls of Justice, the mage walked straight for the Many-Starred-Cloak guild; the greatest Mage guild in Neverwinter. Seeing something about his potential, the guild leader asked for him to perform the guild challenges. The first challenge of the guild is the Resourcefulness Challenge. With a key to the alchemist labs for the Neverwinter Districts, the challenge is to gather the ingredient of each lab and bring them all to the tower and await the second part of the guild challenge.

With their destination decided, the group turned their attention toward the gates to the Beggar’s Nest. As they passed the ancient oak, the druid of the group simply nodded at the troubled druid and wolf next to him taking refuge under the oak’s branches.

Nearing the gate, the group overheard one guard telling the other “I used to be an adventurer like them once; then I took an arrow to the knee, so I had to take up the job of city guard instead. I say to you now; never travel with an archer who can’t hit the broad side of a barn at point blank range.”

Turning his attention to the group, the guard asked their business. Hearing that they were sent by Lady Arabeth, the guards relaxed and allowed them passage into the district saying “We’ll inform the other guards of who you are, so most of them will allow you passage into their districts also.”

The Beggar’s Nest that normally housed the Great Graveyard, Neverwinter Academy, and city slums has over the last week become infested with undead. Bodies of the nobles and commoners alike have emerged from the city crypts to attack the living. Several scouting teams have been sent in to investigate the cause, though none have returned.

With dreary thick fog giving way to overcast night, the group decided to follow the shortest route from the district entrance to the Great Graveyard, passing within a block of a pair of arguing halflings; convinced by the mage to be nothing but bandits around a looted wagon.

The closer they got to the graveyard, the more undead they encountered. In the confusion, the druid of the group fell to two powerful zombies. From out of nowhere, the wolf that had been sitting at the base of the tree emerged out of nowhere, turning into a fellow Drow druid before them.

After the battle, the stranger introduced himself as Lathander Coal, a member of an ally’s [Immeral’s] spy ring. Finding the body of Marcus (a young mage) and two guards. The gates to the Great Graveyard held closed by its old drawbar; the moaning of undead beyond it. The mage took up Marcus’ staff and journal before turning their attention. Safely atop a nearby building, Lathander informed the group of a local gang; the Snake Cult, that had ruled over this district until the events at the Neverwinter academy until the members suddenly disappeared without a trace.

The question arose as to which of the Waterdhavian Creatures could have done this, and so it was relayed that a Cocatrice can only turn beings to stone (not back again), Yahn-Ti are known as reptilian warriors (though some shaman exist that can resurrect fallen allies), an Intellect Devourer can only take possession of a being (though if it took control of a powerful necromancer it could have similar effects), and Dryads are not opposed to unnatural beings like undead (so not a likely candidate). With the information of a Snake Cult revealed, it is believed that the Yahn-Ti is the best candidate for the problems of this district).

With the information passed along, Lathander informed the group that though Immeral had instructed him to watch over them in his absence, he had to check in regularly with a progress report. Being unable to communicate over long distances, Lathander would not be able to accompany them full time; only appearing when they needed additional assistance.

After they were fully rested the group continued to the great Graveyard, shooting through the slots in the gate as the undead tried to push through. The druid stared confidently in until catching sight of a waith in the mix before the blinding spell “light” was cast on the barrier between safety and undead.

One of the group members got the idea to scale the wall and attack from above, which worked for a while, though with the next wave of undead plans began to go downhill. As the zombies began attacking the wall in unison, the lofty adventurers began to quickly lose their balance, falling in with the undead beings. With two members left atop the wall, they simply drew their blades and made the first attempt at a mosh pit in old world history.

With the last of the undead dispatched, the group gathered the now broken wooden gates to the Great Graveyard and piled them in front of the mausoleum that the undead had come from and decided to rest once again to regain their health for the battles still to come..

Rested once more, the group peers into the darkness of the catacombs. At the bottom of the stairs, one of the group members spots a man curled over and screaming in pain “Please make it stop! It hurts so much!”

Before the group can react, the man collapses lifelessly in a heap. The dwarven cleric of the group gives last rights from Malor, before removing his head with a great swing of his Warhammer. The group continues through the room. Beyond the far door stands a hallway going in both directions and a wooden door opposite them.

They enter the adjacent room, finding a treasure chest and sarcophagus. The cleric orders everyone to leave the room without disturbing the dead. Everyone leaves and continues down the hall to the left (the direction Natalia had found the tracks of the Yahn-Ti heading in). Without anyone looking, the thief doubles back to the room, curious as to the contents of the treasure chest. He chops away at it with his scimitars, creating a small gap in the wood.

In the darkness, he lights a match to see the contents. Unable to see more than a faint glitter of gold, he drops the match into the chest. The old boards begin to smolder as the thief fumbles in the dark for some water. He pours the water out blindly over the chest. Still smelling smoke emanating from the chest, he leaves quickly to rejoin the others who had gone ahead.

Carefully, they traverse the corridors, eventually finding two doors along a west wall in the second hallway. One housed another man, doubled over in the same pain. The dwarf kicked the unlocked door with all his might (luckily the door did not slam back in his face).

At the far end of the room stood a caged door with a district guard standing beyond that; the last survivor of a search party sent several days before by the Beggar’s Nest Captain of the Guard. In the middle of their conversation a loud explosion is heard from near the entrance. Everyone jumps as the thief casually looks around.

Under the circumstances, the group decides to allow the thief to escort the city guard to the entrance of the catacombs. With the guard safely out of harm’s way, the rogue sneaks back into the side room, finding a heap of melted gold, and iron amid the wood chunks and splinters. With all his work, the rogue is unable to drag the chest through the doorway and is only able to chop 2 gold pieces worth of melted gold off the pile.

Catching up with the rest of the group at the far end of the catacombs, the group questions how to go about taking on the Yahn-Ti, and if there is any way of taking it alive. They decide the best means of entrance is by force through the double-doors.

The cleric bursts open the doors. As the only being of the group able to see into the darkness, he stares out, seeing eleven zombies and the Yahn-ti with a longbow at the far end of the room. Seeing the outnumbered odds, the cleric steps back out of the room, closing the left door in an effort to funnel the slowly charging enemy forces.

Taking out one of the closer enemies, it suddenly occurs to the cleric “Something has been raising the dead down here. Wait, the Yahn-ti is a shaman, which means he can just keep resurrecting the zombies.. that… oh crap!”

The Yahn-ti raises its hands, resurrecting the very zombie that had fallen moments before. With a new plan in progress, Natalia races out in a barbarian rage, taking on a small cluster of the zombies head on. As the zombies close in, the first to approach the door punches downward, dealing a decent amount of damage to the dwarven cleric.

The drow casts Moonbeam successfully on the Yahn-ti, searing it severely. When it dodges out of the way, Natalia is quick to break away from the attacking zombies and deal significant damage to the Yahn-ti. As she ducks back out of the way, the moonbeam that had seared it once returns to finish the job. With the Yahn-ti falling limp to the ground, the zombies it had risen fall in unison on a heap where they had stood.

Exhausted from the battle, the group began searching the body of the Yahn-ti, finding a bow, 13 remaining arrows, and a journal written in Undercommon. Using a combination of Thaumaturgy or The Force, they call for Lathander, who had been up to his usual routine; making fun of the drunken surface dwellers who had taken refuge in the district tavern. He translates the most recent entries for the group.

The Journal of Gulnan, 2nd last entry
The heart of a Yahn-ti to cure the poison of the mind. The Brain of an intellect Devourer to cure the affliction of the mind. The ever evolving feathers of a Cocatrice to encompass all those afflicted by the Wailing Death, no matter the race or status. And a fresh lock of hair of a Dryad to bind the ingredients together as strong as the great oak. It is because of this that we have been captured and take to this tarnished Jewel of the North. By the power of Zehir; God of the Yahn-ti, if there is a way to escape this putrid city of surface dwellers, we will.

Last entry
By the luck of Zehir we have escaped our confines, and now only this magical barrier holds us in. What luck that I; a tribal shaman, should find myself among the limitless undead. I shall burry this city of surface dwellers with their own dead! With the helpo of these fools that see me as a god, I will use what means I can to destroy everything that stands in my way.

With the knowledge gleamed from the text, the cleric breaks open the Yahn-ti’s chest, pulling out the heart and placing it in the ragged cloth from one of the zombies. The group traverses the passages once more, stopping at the room with the sarcophagus. The cleric almost trips over the melted remains of the treasure chest in the doorway (not realizing how it had gotten across the room). He walks up to the sarcophagus and looks in, finding the linen-bound remains of a noble in tarnished scalemail armor. Asking his god for guidance, the divine orders fell upon him “This noble was not a soldier in life. Though rich in life, his armor is for show only. It is best to let him rest in peace.”

Following the divine guidance, the cleric closed the lid and used Sacred Flame to solder the iron clasps together; allowing the noble’s body eternal rest. With all business in the catacombs complete, the group departed, to rest once more among the gravestones of the Great Graveyard.

Horror at the Wizard college

The party arrived at Tirion, the town that contains the Elvish wizarding college and noticed how the town was empty of all life. Going to the temple of Pelanor, the group found a massacre of the priests, including one pinned to the roof of the building. At the local tavern the players discovered signs of a struggle but otherwise all travel effects were still in people’s rooms.
Deciding to go the wizard tower, the party encountered a lone woman that attacked them, who had a mutilated face and energy coming from her eyes and mouth. After killing this being they continued to the tower.

Arriving at the mansion which serves as a entrance to the tower, the party fought off a group of the monsters, whereas hundreds remained dormant of the ceiling of the building. Deciding to head to the necromancer level, they found a man in a prison crate and several mysterious cauldrons. After freeing the man, he revealed that the creatures captured citizens of the town and dunked them into the cauldrons, making them into more of the monsters. When the group turned their backs to the man, he disappears. They also find a symbol scratched and painted into the table. The_Elder_Sign.png

Heading to the upper levels, the party fights a stronger group of the monsters that nearly defeated them until the man returned and destroyed all of them at once. The man is revealed to the demon Azazel.
The group went to the top floor of the college and confronted Erickson, who talked about “looking into the void and seeing everything that will be and was”. He also had the symbol carved into the table glowing on his chest. Chandler and Jason shot Erickson with arrows, killing him, but instead of blood black goo poured from the wounds.
Azazel approached the party and offered information about what had happened here, as well as a threat to the world, in exchange for “The Seeker’s eye”.
Tharival and Norlannan decided to rebuild the college, giving the characters money and Tharival the III a magic wand that only works for Arcane magic.
After the party left, Tharival killed Norlannan via stabbing for unknown reasons.

Murder at the bed and breakfest

The group was traveling to collect the money owed for killing the demon and after 3 days on the road came across a hotel in the town of Hamel. The group decided to spend the night there and interacted with various patrons of the hotel when Tharivol Davarol II and a company of people, including his son Norlannan.
The group learns that the elven mage college was been losing Archmages constantly and that Tharivol II is the current one. Norlannan would be the next in line.
After Tharivol III and his brother had some words, a darkness spell was cast on the entire hotel, blocking all light. Tharivol II was stabbed in the darkness with a poison blade designed to prevent the victim from being healed.
The group went around gathering information, which included (Don’t know the character’s name, the halfing pirate player) stabbing a person accidentally to death and later hulking thru a wall.
The group realized that Vale, one of the bodyguards was behind it and captured him. During interrogation a curse killed him to prevent him from talking. One his body was a note stressing that Norlannan needs to become the next Archmage.
The group decided to detain Norlannan within the group.
(This I accidentally did not do due to time constraints)
Tharivol II gave III a special wand that adds a +1 to mage spells only. He also feels better toward his son but will not allow him back into good graces until he stops being a cleric.
There is also a pissed off hotel owner is ruined by the events of the evening and hold the group responsible.

The group travels with the norlannan to the college in Tirion.

Cult of Pheneax

The group traveling with tharivol II and his two sons were met by two townsmen who wanted help to save the children of Mulan. Morgan and Brian stayed behind in Hamel to help sort things out, but the group was joined by Joey, who was a guest of the hotel. Tyler left gondolin after the rest of the group but headed straight for dunharrow, where he would wait for the group to catch up, since Sam has the “check”. Sam, Joey and garret accepted the job offered by Berethor, played by josh.
After accepting the job our heroes are lead to a nearby dungeon 5hours toward the village of Mulan, where they saw six black robed guards. The Sam approached them trying to convince them that he was here to take the children to their master. seeing through this lie the guards attacked. slicing their way through them the adventurers continued their way into the dungeon. advancing forward they found themselves in a room full of bobby trapped stones using some unorthodox methods they successfully made it through. finding themselves with six more guards they fought their way through. Reaching the last room of the dungeon they found four men in dark robes chanting about someone named Pheneax and sacrificing a child. looking around they saw 16 more children in a cage. they began to fight the priests who put up a pretty tough fight with their inflict wounds. using a illusion spell the garret tried to convince the priests that their god wanted to let the children go. Seeing that this god was a fake the leader saw through the illusion. taking on of the children as a hostage the leader told the party not to step any closer or the child dies. Sam had a brilliant idea to use his command spell to make the mad priest release the child but sadly the priest dropped his robe instead, using the distraction Sam and Berethor killed the leader of the group. searching his body they found a knife of poisoning which Sam took, releasing the children they took them back to the village. The villagers where so grateful that they gave each member of the party 100 gold. Before the group leaves, Berethor asks Sam whether he has heard of Tyler. Sam tells Berethor that Tyler stayed behind in gondolin and will be heading this way soon. Then the group continues on in order to catch up with the party heading to the wizard college.

The tempest of gondolin part four
The epic conclusion

The group from the cliff wall met up with the group that went to clear the road. The lord’s men were slaughtered and the guild members that went with them were badly beaten, but survived. They rested and headed to the city to enter the secret passage in the library. The group split up. Troy, Paul, Tyler, Morgan, Garret, Ben, and Brian, went in the city by informing the guards that they were sent by the demon to do research in the library in order to find a faster way through the monastery’s magical protection. The remainder of the group went with Tuor, the monk and the Lycans to watch the monastery from the outside.

The group found the secret passage but failed to go through it with out alerting the barbarians outside of the library via lighting the building on fire(Troy). The group killed many barbarians and made it through the trap door before the library crashed upon them. This helped them from being followed by more barbarians. They rested in the tunnel after their weary battle. The group reached the monastery and met with Lord Turgon. Without realizing it, the group broke the magical protection. On the monastery by bringing in the scepter. It drains all magic but itself from any thing that it touches. The magical abilities of objects come back, but large magical protections are dissipated permanently.

After the protection was torn down, barbarians rushed in and killed many monks and soldiers. The group rushes out and kills the barbarians. The wizard and paladin show up again and were defeated promptly by the group. After the third wave of barbarians the demon decides to show his face and demands the pendant. The group did not realize that the lord’s daughter was wearing the pendant. The demon summoned imps and they went to retrieve the pendant for him. They knocked idrial, the lord’s daughter out and took the pendant. The imps were ambushed by a few in the group and did not get very far.

After the demon unleashed his minions, Paul rushed him and unleashed his might. He enchanted his sword so it would be magical for a little bit. Turgon ended up getting the scepter because Tyler fell unconscious and a barbarian picked it up. When Tyler was healed, he took back the scepter and hit the demon with it. This attack drained the demon from his magical protections against normal weapons. This allowed Morgan to come up and kill the demon. Paul was upset because he said Morgan took his kill. After the demon was killed, the group finds out that Tuor, the other guild members, and the Lycans fought the army outside the monastery. When the barbarians saw the annihilation of the demon, paladin, and wizard, they decided to flee back to their homes in the desert.

The group finds out that the wizard and paladin were only unconscious. The group tied them up and searched them. The group retrieved the paladin’s and wizard’s symbols. The same symbol that they found earlier. The_Elder_Sign.png

The paladin hinted that they would be as good as dead if they told anyone who they work for. Lord Turgon told the group that he would keep them imprisoned while trying to get more information out of them. He would send word to the party if he received any useful information out of them. He also mentions that he cannot afford to pay them their fee out of his treasury, so he gives them a letter to Alexander of the Hellenic Republic that states Alexander’s debt can be paid to the party members in the amount of 2000 gold pieces. On that note, the group left for the Hellenic Republic. Their first stop was in the village of Hamel.

The tempest of gondolin part three
The difficult decision and unsuspected friends.

The group was stilling working with the enemy of deciphering the puzzle when a hail of arrows fell down and killed the barbarians. This group was lead by a monk, tuor. He brought with him chandler, Eric, and Brian and a few soldiers. The group retreived the remaining piece of the scepter. The group of soldiers and a few of the guild members went with the soldiers to help clear the road. The group that remained behind at the wall was ambushed by a wizard and 10 hellhounds. The group was successful in dispatching the wizard and hounds, while Eric fell unconscious. Eric collected a symbol on a chain. The_Elder_Sign.png. Eric deemed that the symbol was important and he saw he somewhere. Chandler remembered the symbol from when he battled his brother chorkin. Chorkin had it on him when he fell to his death.

They went to sleep but were awakened when a paladin and a wizard snuck up on the camp, but failed in their sneak attack and their reinforcements came to free them. The group was saved by 20 werewolves. Paul sent the werewolves to follow the wizard and paladin. They reported back and stated that they ended up at the monastery. The group decides to head to the monastery through the secret passage.

The Tempest of Gondolin Pt 2
The Search for the Scepter

The company was joined by a rogue and Troy’s wizard while Troy’s barbarian left the group. They decided to head south 30 miles to a cave and then they would swoop back up to get the cave west of the monastery. Paul told the Lord to send his men to the cave 30 miles east of the monastery. On the way south the company met a horde of gnolls and a few bullywugs. They dispatched them quickly and had a decent supper of bullywug, while Brent kept a bullywug tongue.

They continued on to the cave where there was dead bodies and blood everywhere outside the cave. Paul yells into the cave to see if there is anyone in there and the rest of the company waits outside ready to ambush whoever comes out. A few bugbears come out and the Troy communicates with the bugbears and learns that some of the bugbears were out on a hunt and when they came back they found that all the bugbears that were left in the cave were slaughtered. The company convinces the bugbears that they did not do it.

The company followed the path going northeast, and they come upon the war clan encampment in the middle of the night. The company decides to sneak upon them while they are sleeping, but Paul will not allow them to kill them while they sleep. They sneak up and knock out the guards, someone lights the tents on fire and in the hysteria, the group makes off with a piece of the scepter. The group runs past the group of bugbears and the company tells the bugbears that the humans up the way slaughtered their kin.

After grabbing the scepter Tyler feels a surge of strength go through him. The scepter boosts any strength based feat while draining the health of the person who carries the scepter.

The group heads to the next cave on their list, the one west of the monastery. The rogue leaves their group. They come up to the second cave and find that their are three humans searching the caves. After a disagreement, two of the warriors died and they let the other one go after he swore that he would not return. They find a secret door and they enter. they find the second part of the scepter in the cave. It is getting late and the group decides to stay in the cave and to keep the secret door shut. They are attacked by carrion crawlers and centipedes. Paul easily dispatches them without much fuss. As dawn arrives, the group hears commotion in the other cave. The surviving soldier went and got friends. When the group hears the men by the secret door, they use the door to crush them and clear out the cave. The war chief outside calls inside to the group and tells them to hand over the scepter or they will have to take it from them. Paul attempts to persuade them otherwise, but eventually they agree upon a one on one battle. Paul with two pieces of the scepter confronts the war chief. The war chief is not as honorable as Paul; therefore, he hand his wizard cast a spell on Paul while the war chief attacked. When Paul went to attack, he unleashed the power of Thor upon the war chief and completely obliterated him in one shot. He then shouted out to the rest of the war chief’s men to stand down unless they want to see a little more lightning. The war clan backed down.

The adventurers left for the monastery and when they arrived they told the Lord’s men about the scepter pieces, and curious on the whereabouts of the men that were sent to the third cave. The soldiers that went to that cave never came back. As the group was debating about what to do next, they heard drums from afar and they were informed that an army approaches. The company decided to head for the third cave. They figure that the only way to save this country is to find the scepter.

They head over to the third cave by bypassing through the forest just south of the city. A few miles outside of the city on the road they find the soldiers’ bodies stuck with arrows. They reach the cave and find it surrounded by another war clan. The group leaves no survivors, Paul and Brent stay outside to keep watch while the others go in to meet with a few orcs. The two half orcs are allowed further into the cave system. While back there, they attempt to find out more about the scepter, but it soon led to a battle with both of the half orcs falling unconscious. One challenged the leader to a one on one, but the level one half orc was no match for a level 5 orc chieftain. A battle ensued a the remaining of the company joined again by the rogue fought through all the orcs. Tyler ran ahead and fell unconscious by the orc horde. After the battle, all the orcs died, Tyler retrieved a key that has the same runes as the scepter, and Chandler’s half-orc barbarian died. The company stayed in the first part of the cave to sleep through the night. They were awaken by a priest who demanded the scepter, Paul refused, and the priest raised the warriors that the group previously killed from the dead. Paul used turn undead and killed almost all of them, he and the one other person on watch, killed the rest with out waking the rest.

In the morning they had a discussion on where to head next, after considerable debate they decided to head to the cliff wall on the eastern borders of the country. Before they leave they have an even longer debate on what to do with the body of Chandler’s barbarian. In the end, they buried him and moved on. They traveled to the cliff wall and spotted a war clan already posed at the wall. Paul tried to talk his way through it but it ended up in a battle, but this time they did not kill anyone, they took them all prisoner. They healed the wizard and Paul managed to convince him that the company was also working for the one. The wizard has them heal all of his men, while he starts deciphering the wall to unlock its secrets.


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