BrotherHood of the Blade

The Brotherhood of the Blade is a guild of Chaotic Good assassins who can be hired to kill, but only those who they deem bad enough. Examples of their usual targets are bandits, kidnappers, murderers, etc.

Their services do not come cheap, often a single target costing thousands of gold. However they will see the job done no matter what the cost once hired. If an assassin is killed on a job, another is sent to finish the job.

They often employ stealth tactics and traps to accomplish their goals.

Even when being chased, they will not intentionally harm or kill anyone unless absolutely needed.

In order to hire the Brotherhood, one must find a operative, which are hidden with cities across the land. However in cases of great injustice, the Brotherhood will make itself known to the victim.

Josh and Troy’s characters had a run-in with a member once, and for staying out of his way, have a decent rapport with the organization.

BrotherHood of the Blade

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