Dyersville D and D

Shadow Counsel Base infiltrated

After The adventurers completed their mission in rudabaga, they started walking to dragonheim. On the road they meant a messenger that asked the group to meet with olorin in dunharrow. They arrived in dunharrow with no issues along the way. Sam immediately went to the blacksmith to get his armor laced with adamantium. Sam will be paying the blacksmith with 82 pounds of adamantium.. They met with olorin and he told them that a man, named Scott, stopped by and was going to pay him 2000g for olorin to provide Scott with information regarding summoning creatures from other planes of existence. Scott said that he would return in two weeks with the 2000g and he would retrieve the information from olorin. After Scott left olorin’s house, olorin’s sent Jim, his elven lackey to follow Scott and return with any information that he could obtain. Jim headed over to the green dragon tavern and inn to begin his shadowing of Scott. Jim never returned to olorin’s. It has been six days since Scott left olorin’s house. The adventurers including Sam, Natalya, immeral, scribbles, Sydney, troy’s dragon born cleric, and joeys tiefling sorcerer headed over to the tavern to see if they could pick up the trail of Scott and Jim. The adventurers have a few beers while talking with the adventurers. After a small payment, the tavern owner mentioned that Scott already reserved a room for a week from now, which is one day before Scott was going to talk to olorin’s. The adventurers head out into the street and locate Jim’s trailand they follow it out town and headed north into the forest, just to the east of the mountains. They follow the path easily with no issues the first day, nor the first night. The next day the sneak up on a company of orcs who accuse the adventurers of robbing and killing their families the day before. After some word play by scribbles, the group decides to help the orcs get their vengence and their gold back. They visit the orcs cave and follow the scent back into the woods. The follow the scent until they suddenly see a place where three paths come together. By this time, the sun had begun rising. Noticing that gold pieces were on one trail, the group decided to follow that trail and then ended up at a green mound, with nothing else in eight.



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