Dyersville D and D

Thievery in The Hellenic Republic part 5

the counsel

the group moves on through the villages until they discover that there is an old mine where miners have been disappearing for the past few months. They go up to the mines and Chandler gets shot by arrow. The guards beyond the waterfall tell them to halt and state their purpose and names. After some prodding the group gives their names and state that they were here to inspect their operation. The guards take them down to the base leader and tharivol recognizes him as tesmole dreghead, old professor of necromancy at the wizard college. He states to tharivol, "tharivol the third, I thought you were dead, it must be your brother then. ". Shortly after a battle breaks out in the planning room. The group was split in two, some of them had to remain behind in the dining hall. After a few rounds, the battle begins in the dining hall also. Everyone was amazed when immeral let out a gust of wind that knocked most of the enemy down. The group in the planning room saw tesmole dreghead disappear. The group in the planning room gained the upper hand and the last thug standing surrendered and threw his money at one of the spies. Threatening death upon slaves is one thing, fighting a well trained force is another. The battle was going sour for the other group, when tesmole dreghead reappeared and prompted the thugs to fight and be richly rewarded. He then departed. After that immeral let out another gust of wind that knocked down a majority of the enemies again and some allies, but the enemy was still stronger that that group of adventurers. After the group in the planning room eliminated their threat, Sam axe unleashed thunderous smite and ran up the hallway like a bat out of hell. The thugs surrendered.

They released the prisoner while Chandler searched tesmole dregheads safe, but there was nothing in it. He cleaned out his office before he fled. They released Anna, Paul’s friend. She informs them that they are searching for many powerful objects that take the form of orbs, but it is unclear on what they intend to use them for. She says that they were getting close to finding it in the depths of this mountain, she suggests that they retrieve it otherwise the counsel will return in force to retrieve it, and we do not want it to fall in their hands. The group takes a long rest in order to revive themselves and wait for the guards and slaves in the mines to come back up. Tharivol, Sam, Joey, and Chandler headed into the mine while the remainder of the group stayed in the base to keep a lookout.

After fighting Atwood Giants and barely winning, the group was nowhere closer to getting the orb until the ground began to shake and rocks began to fall from the ceiling, but no one got seriously hurt. After the tremor quit, the group noticed a hole that opened up in the saloon. Chandler jumps down and hurts himself, but he finds an adamant ism chest. He picks the lock and in it he finds a brown orb. Sam demands that Chandler brings the chest up with him, so he does. Tharivol and Joey realize that the orb has tremendous energy in it and it resembles the spell earthquake. Chandler tries, but cannot figure out how to use it.

The group informs everyone up above of their discovery and immeral shares about his blue orb. The adventurers all go their separate ways to catch up on their own tasks.



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