Human Monk played by Joshua


5 attack
3 blud

5 attack

Light Crossbow
5 attack
3 piercing

Save dc 13

Hit Points 21
Hit die 1 d8

Lawful Good Human Monk
Male, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Medium Size, 5" 10", 175 pounds

Intiative +3
Speed 40 ft
Languages-common, elvish

Level 3
1350experience points

12 str +1
16 dex +3
12 con +1
12 int +1
17 wis +3
9 cha -1

Proficiency bonus-+2

Animal Handling

KI points 3
Unarmed Strike is a finesse weapon
flurry of blows
supreme flurry

Way of the Open hand
-Deflect Missiles

amulet that summons Azazel
long sword that does 5 burn damage on a fail dexterity saving throw dc 8


Tour’s Background and Concept
1. He was fostered by an elf named Annael and he was captured by Lorgan, chief of the easterlings of Hithlum, when the elven host was moving to another land. His foster father was slain while he was captured. He remained a slave for three years until he escaped and did whatever he could to take down Lorgan’s thraldom.
2. Through divine means, he was influenced to travel to the city of Gondolin, where he took residence in the monastery outside of the city. After many years of training, he decided to go out and help make the world a better place.
3. His mother told him the story of his blood father and how he died in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears trying to protect their homeland from the terrible Morgoth. Morgoth commands armies of orcs, trolls, goblins etc.
4. He travels the lands to help people that need it, but he continually checks in to Gondolin to check in with the news that the monks get for him.
5. He attempts to remain on the down low while helping others in order to avoid unwanted attention from his previous dealings with Lorgan.
Tuor’s Goals
1. He would like to take down Lorgan, who captured him and killed his foster father.
2. Since he was a child, living with the elves, he dreamt of taking down the evil Morgoth up in the North. He will take Morgoth down even if it is the last thing he does. Living with the monks has taught his that evil cannot be tolerated and that they must be brought to justice. Morgoth is the ultimate evil.
Tuor’s Secrets
1. The first couple weeks that he spent in Gondolin, he met a woman that he fell in love with. Her name is Idril. He broke it off with her because he had to figure out who he was and what he needs to do with his life, so he left for the Monastery.
2. What he doesn’t know is that Idril, the daughter of Turgon, the lord of Gondolin, bore his son. Tuor believes that Earendil is the son of Idril and Glorfindel, Idril’s husband. They married shortly after Tuor left for the monastery.
People that Tuor knows
1. Lorgan-the chief of the Easterlings who captured Tuor and forced him into slavery. Tuor caused trouble for Lorgan for years before Tuor left for Gondolin. Lorgan has a price on Tuor’s head.
2. Turgon-aids Tuor where he can because Tuor has helped keep the other creatures from terrorizing Gondolin and its occupants. He has fought the lycans, orcs, bugbears, and goblins in the area to keep them in their place. If Turgon finds out about Tuor and his daughter, he may not be as friendly to him.
3. Olorin is a great wizard that Tuor rescued while he escaped from Lorgan . Olorin feels indebted to Tuor and will help him if Tuor has need of it.


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